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  1. Good morning! There will be a chance for a little severe weather this morning and with that chance comes some hail with it. Make sure the cars and other items are put away if possible. A severe watch is not anticipated. The rest of the week will be rain free and chances for rain don't return until next weekend. Current (5:20 am CDT) radar
  2. It's a blast to drive but not without any traction. 🙂
  3. I drove down to Atlanta Motor Speedway yesterday to participate in a SCCA autocross. I've had a 4 year sabbatical from driving and wasn't sure how well everything would come back to me. Instead of driving one of our cars, I decided I'd jump back in the last car I autocrossed and give it a try again. I drove this car for about 6 years before my break and got pretty good in it, managing 4 3rd place finishes at the National Championships. But it's a very difficult car to drive and and I was a little apprehensive getting back in it after an extended layoff. The wheelbase of the car is only 80", so it's very short. Being short, it has a very low polar moment of inertia meaning it doesn't take much to make it spin. Throw in 350 whp/380 ft lbs of torque in a car that weighs 1760 lbs with me in it and you have a really big handful. But yesterday didn't go to well, and it wasn't because of me. 🙂 They have made lots of changes to the car. They have totally reworked the suspension, retuned the engine, and removed the electric power steering. All great. BUT... this car relies on a ton of mechanical grip to go fast, and without it, you might as well be driving on ice. Two of us were driving the car yesterday and both us have had a lot of seat time in the car, and we both had issues. Come to find out, we were running on one year old, 40 run Hoosier slicks, that had the grip of a Flintstone rock tire. We both spun the car, Rick doing it twice. We had ZERO traction all day. To top that off, we discovered that the front tires were corded. So we literally had no traction. Keep in mind, to put that power to the ground and corner at 1.8 g's, we run 14" wide Formula Atlantic qualifying rear tires that generate a ton of grip. But once those tires get hard, you might as well be on rocks. So... this was my 4th run and I managed to do it correctly. You can hear the blow off valve as I have to lift to keep the back tires from spinning (no... to keep the car from spinning). If you'd like to see a good spin, I did one not far from the start on my 2nd run. 🙂 This run was a total disaster as I also missed a couple of gates (you don't get a time, it's called a DNF). It was a fun day, but the car is capable of going much faster, and hopefully I can get back in it soon with some good tires on it.
  4. Thanks! Our toys!!! Seems like I'm always washing them so they stay clean, but it's hard not to drive them!
  5. Things are progressing, although never as fast as I'd want it to. The room is a struggle to work with since one side has large glass windows and the other side is open with a bar, stairs, and a hallway. There are large bedrooms on each end of the media room so the room can't be expanded those directions. They did a modal review of the room and initially placed the subwoofers in these locations. THe subwoofer where the arrow from from was not going to work in that position as it would have to stick out in the floor. My suggestion In the bar area where I drew the red box is an ice maker that no longer works and is too expensive to fix. It made 60 lbs of ice a day so it's not a little icemaker. 🙂 WE have plans on removing that and adding shelves, but it would be a great place for that subwoofer to go and it would be hidden. We can add black fabric panels in place of the wood panels that you currently see. The original modal graph looked like this. Notice all of the peaks. After their original placement it looked like this. Much smoother. Again, the room is far from ideal. We will be using acoustic panels extensively in order to help with the room acoustics, and the rest will be managed during the final Trinnov calibration.
  6. Got my car back from Balanced Performance Motors today after having a few changes made to it this week. I had to replace the low pressure fuel pump (LPFP) that I had purchased from Tapout Tuning since it couldn't hold enough pressure on E85. It was supposed to be a "Stage 2" pump, meaning it wouldn't have any issues running straight E85, but testing during the tuning process showed that the pressure was dropping to 45 lbs or so which is not anywhere close to what it needs to be. It will be sent back for a refund. This is a picture of the pump/housing that came out. It is a DW400 pump but apparently the venturi in the housing is the restriction to the flow and the reason for the low pressure. I installed an XDI Stage 1 LPFP and it is supposed to be sufficient to run E85 up to the limit of the stock turbos. Specs: OEM ATSV ACDELCO LPFP Spec’s: 377 LPH without back pressure. 215 LPH at 70 PSI XDI Stage 1 Spec's: 435 LPH at no back pressure 265 LPH at 70 PSI 23% Increase overall Maximum Pressure >80 psi at full flow (PLV opening pressure 85-90 psi, stock is 70-75 psi) See chart. Fuel Compatibility: all known fuels, all Ethanol blends Fitment: 100% OEM, no cutting, no crimping Tuning Support: HPT, Trifecta While the car was there, I had them replace the plugs with NGK Ruthenium plugs since I knew it still had the stock plugs. The plugs were gapped at 0.026" which is what is recommended for these cars running the boost levels we are seeing. I also installed a new Renick cold air intake (CAI), here's a picture of the installation. Click to enlarge. The new system consist of two equal length tubes each with its own filter. "Equal length ensure that the compressor wheel on each side of the LF4 has identical RPM response as they spool up and spool down. The LF4 has matched mirror turbos for efficiency why not have a flow matched intake as well? This helps make the engine respond identical on both banks with maximum efficiency. " The CAI kit also came with an oil catch tank to prevent any oil from reaching the turbos. So... I need to take the car out and get a pull or two and send it off to Justin to refine the tune a little. The plan now is to get the car on the dyno the last week in July to see what it's making, but it should be somewhere between 620-640 whp. Can't wait. Assuming nothing breaks, I'm done with changes for this car for a while. Famous last words... 🙂
  7. Done with appearance items for a while! Thanks to James Renick for many of the items on both the cars. We couldn't be more pleased with how they turned out. There is always more to do though... the fun never stops. 🙂 The wife's car now gets: Cue update so she can get Android Auto New RE-alignment. Yes, to fix the current one AEM wideband/XDI translator/plugs install Justin Schmidt tune to replace the Trifecta tune I'll have them service the diff/trans/anything else that needs service when it's in for the Cue update... it has 56k miles My car needs: Have to replace the Tapout Stage 2 LPFP that is supposedly a DW400... we'll see but I don't think it is. I have a new XDI LPFP pump waiting to go in. Install Renick CAI and new plugs To the dyno to see how well Justin has done 🙂 After the dyno I see I need more power, we'll install a fuel cam. Not much left to do now! Here is a link to more of the pictures that I took today: ATS-V Appearance Items Done - Google Photos PHOTOS.APP.GOO.GL 25 new photos added to shared album
  8. Finally. It's taken a long time but all of the appearance items are done and the wife LOVES it. 🙂 So... we had the hood, fenders, and front bumper cover re-painted, the front splitter was refinished, both front grills replaced with the ones you see here, all the emblems were replaced, roof and mirrors wrapped black, and ceramic treatment. The springs and wheels and tire don't hurt. 🙂 Now all we have to do is install the wideband sensor and XDI translator (for the high pressure fuel pump), and then I let Justin Schmidt loose on the car to tune it. I will get it re-aligned as soon as the shop I go to gets its new alignment machine. I also need to get it back to a dealer to get Android Auto on the Cue system. Midway through 2016 Cadillac added it, but this car was made early 2016, so they have to do an update to make it show up. This first picture was taken today (06/13/21) at Amicalola Falls State Park.
  9. It has a HPFP and LPFP and is now running on E72
  10. The Big Canoe Car Club had a little gathering that we went to yesterday, and I managed to capture a few pictures. Big Canoe Car Club - 05/01/21 - Google Photos PHOTOS.APP.GOO.GL 61 new photos added to shared album
  11. Washed both cars today so that we can take them to the Big Canoe Car Club meet tomorrow. It's getting there... just a few more items. The guy that did the painting did a great job matching everything up. He painted the bumper cover, hood, and both fenders, and also fixed the pits etc in the front splitter. The new grills are installed and the "V" emblems have been ordered are getting replaced along with the ATS in the rear (black). The car will get a ceramic treatment and the roof and mirrors with get wrapped black, and hopefully it will be done the week after next. Since there isn't much to do as far as power goes, I'm saving that for the end. I just need the XDI translator, wideband sensor, and some new plugs installed, and it's ready for a Justin tune. Both parts are sitting in the garage, so hopefully in the next few weeks I can get Teddy Knisely to install those on the car and we'll be off to the races. 🙂 The wife loves her car... 😉 BTW, this is Obsession Red Tint Coat.
  12. Got the wife's car back from the painter today (Russ Cowart) and he did an awesome job! He painted the two front fenders, hood, front bumper, installed the two front grills, and refinished the front splitter. Now we have to get it ceramic coated, clear wrap the front of the car and rear bumper cover, wrap the roof and mirrors black, and finish changing out the emblems. All the chrome is gone except for the ATS letters and the three V emblems and those will be changed soon. Then it's off to get the wideband sensor and XDI translator installed and get it re-aligned. Love the black grills, and I think that's the way they should have come to start with.
  13. We took the wife's car to Russ Cowart for the front end painting. I stopped by on Friday to get some pictures of the car and take a look at what he's done so far. By looking at these pictures, you'd think the car had been in a wreck. 🙂 For reference, here's before. And this is now. It's a three stage paint process, so it's more difficult to get right than a single color paint, and the big reason I took it to Russ. After the paint is completed, we're going to take some additional steps to protect the finish this time. The car will get a complete GTechniq Crystal Serum Ultra ceramic treatment including the wheels and calipers (the same treatment I have on my car). The front bumper cover, hood, and fenders will get a clear bra wrap along with the rear bumper cover (to protect behind the rear wheels), the glass will get a protective film, and the roof and mirror covers will be wrapped in gloss black. Her car is really going to look like new. I made this comment on a ATS-V Facebook group. The two grills in the front are being replaced with gloss black grills with a new emblem like the one that he added to the rear of the car. After adding this one to the back, we decided the the silver "ATS" and the "V" emblem looked out of place now. So I've ordered these. There are three of the V's on the car, one on the right rear, and one on each side of the front doors. So, while I was ordering, I've ordered new black grills and emblems for my car as well. They are the only pieces on my car that aren't black so I'm going to fix that. I also received my new rear trailing arms for my car, and hopefully I can get those on next week. These bars (six total) help to accurately locate the rear axles/wheels under hard acceleration and cornering. The red car already has these installed. Here's a comparison of the stock arms and the new ones. With 600+ whp the stock arms and bushings will flex which can cause unpredictable motions in the rear suspension. When I accelerate hard in my car I can feel the rear end moving around, partly because the tires are loosing traction and the electronic diff is compensating by locking and unlocking the two wheels, but also because the rear is squirming because these bars and bushings are flexing. It will be interesting to see what difference these bars make on the track or autocross course. I'm scheduled to run a BMW/Porsche autocross on May 16th, so I'll find out how well they work pretty soon. Speaking of my car, we're on the 13th tune file at the moment, and Justin has bumped up the boost so we can make sure the fuel pumps can keep up. I need to get a log file to see where we stand, and hopefully I can do that tomorrow. I talked to Jason Plante at Balanced Performance Motors about getting on the dyno next week and told him I'd call Monday to see what we could work out. He's also the person that will be installing the rear trailing arms (about a two hour job), so maybe I can get both done next week, we'll see. I'm really anxious to see what kind of power it's making now. Most of the cars that have similar modifications are making 600-630 whp, but I'm going to find out for sure. The limitation will be how well the high pressure fuel pump can keep up. Justin will be tweaking the tune while we're on the dyno so that we can get everything out of it that we can. If I want to get more power out of engine in the future, there really isn't much left to do. A fuel cam and cold air induction is pretty much it except for new turbo's which I won't do on this car. The fuel cam is really just an exhaust camshaft with a lobe on the rear that drives the high pressure fuel pump. To get more fuel, there are fuel cams of varying lobe designs that can increase the pump output by 20%-45%. With the addition of the fuel cam and cold air intake, we can get the car to about 650 whp, and I'd be real good with that. 🙂 The wife's car is the big horsepower car and that's fine with me. I can still drive it. 🙂
  14. It is in the shop right now, I'll be making a new post shortly.
  15. Yes, this is the one with Turbobay turbo's.
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