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  1. Ignoring fantasy for a moment, I wanna make sure I understand: Wednesday will likely be wet and thundery, but nothing severe, and the chance for Thunder is even less this weekend, most likely rain? Now, Fantasy: OH THE WEATHER OUTSIDE IS FRIGHTFUL!
  2. Does the above mean the change for storms, just in general, have gone down for Wednesday?
  3. I have two question, both require speculation as they are only slightly less than a week away. 1. The storms you mentioned we may get Wednesday, at this moment in time, are they expected to be severe, or just normal? 2. How to preliminary forecasts look for Thanksgiving? I understand both answers are very likely to change as we get closer, I am just curious about the current predictions.
  4. When should it be safe for me to step outside and look around
  5. Thank you both, I hope you and everyone else is staying safe
  6. Is it possible for a county to be the color of 100%, but people in the county to still have power?
  7. I assume the map is for just one company?
  8. Thanks, about how long after should the winds start weakening?
  9. I have to ask, has a county ever been in 100%?
  10. May be my only post right now, lights flickering, STAY SAFE EVERYOME
  11. Enjoy your nap steve, I hooe I am asleep when you wake up, but if not, cya then
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