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  1. alright Steve this is getting real. whats ballground gonna look like and im thinking it will roll in at 6am?
  2. holy crap i wish i had a lightning detector, i bet thats pricey
  3. I know its far off but do you think we will get anything, maybe even just a slight breeze in the north GA area?
  4. kinda odd to come from the south i think, just went out with the tape measure it was 3 inches.
  5. Had a strong line come in from the south last night into north Cherokee county i swear my house was almost hit by lightning. sent shivers up my spine. but i loved it. loads of rain maybe 2 inches.
  6. Ah yes, hurricane tracking is the summer version of tracking snow.
  7. haven't have a good midnight storm in awhile.
  8. I love the topic of bigfoot but little people i have only heard of a small amount of sightings.
  9. all week the chances have been at least above 50, yet i got nothing here in ballground....hoping for today.
  10. Looks kinda like a direct hit even this far out,
  11. Steve what causes these circles? im guessing radar noise. but it went out like a shock wave.
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