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  1. Awesome Steve! Thanks for looking into this!!
  2. Thank you sir! Still hoping to eek out an inch in the Rome area, though I'll be happy with whatever we get!
  3. Does anyone have a graphic or info indicating how much the cold is trailing behind the moisture? I was under the impression that part of the issue was that freezing/sub-freezing temps were significantly further behind than anticipated.
  4. As someone who has ridden out and had to drive in hurricanes and also has folks that live in some of the uglier snow areas I can kinda sit back and laugh at all the precautions that GA/AL are taking with cancelling events and closing schools/gov offices. On the other hand I am ever so thankful for the abundance of caution the powers that be are taking. I'm on a 3 hour weather delay for the education center, but I will still likely be on the road tomorrow morning because my wife works at a large medical facility that rarely ever closes due to weather and she gets very anxious driving with any snow on the ground. I'm one of those folks that enjoy driving in light to moderate snow.... HOWEVER, it scares the living bejeebus out of me to do it with anything more than a light amount of cars on the road. There are so many people down here that don't have any understanding of how to drive in a heavy rain storm, let alone snowy conditions.
  5. Anyone have insight as to why Firsthand is being so generous with amounts? While they say that most areas in the 2"-4" zone will receive around 3", they did not provide any explanation for their reasoning in the post they made on FB. Link to Article
  6. ^ This right here. I’m in Floyd Co. and am likely in a decent spot to see some accumulations. However, I’m also tempering my expectations...... of course with the hope in the back of my head for some over performance.
  7. I would take Firsthand with a large grain of salt. While I don't know them personally, I would not in any way, shape or form take their maps as verbatim. I suspect that their maps depict where they think up to an inch of snow will fall....... and should convective banding occurs, where more than an inch (up to 4") may occur. Basically: "here is the limits of where we think that the likest chance is for accumulating snowfall, and that may be between 1" and 4""
  8. Lol, let's not under estimate the impact of drivers who have no idea what they are doing while on slick roads...............
  9. At the moment I'm more looking at functional impacts, as I am in the Rome, GA area. Regardless of how much we get, I'm thinking that school will likely be canceled on Tues and maybe Weds, or at very least early release Tuesday and canceled Wednesday. If it looks like we're getting any snow on Tuesday during the day, I'm keeping the kiddos home and I am also telling my interns to stay on campus and play. I fought through Snowjam in 2012-ish and had to drive to Berry College last year in December for a meeting. While I truly enjoy the adventure of driving in the snow by myself, I have no desire to do so with my children or put my students at risk. That is unless things trend warmer, or there is a greater disconnection between the cold and rain. With the temperature change suggested, I am thinking that road conditions are going to deteriorate rapidly (please correct me if I am wrong). On the plus side, the ground will likely turn white, I like playing in the snow on the roads and I will likely have the chance to go meet the prescribed fire team I'll be working with this year because work will let out early. YMMV Anyone have some thoughts on the functional impacts for their area. I mean realistically if the ground and roads turn whitish in GA it's usually an interesting day (win for us snow lovers), anything else is icing on the cake.
  10. Welcome aboard! It's a great no drama, fun place to learn.
  11. I like Spann and have a pretty reasonable amount of respect for how he presents himself and the weather, I can also completely understand the seriousness of his approach to meteorology given: 1) His long history in the profession and all he has witnessed with regard to the changes in how weather information is disseminated. 2) A significant portion of his listeners/viewers live in an area where timely, accurate and no nonsense dissemination of information pretty regularly means the difference between life and death for his viewership. It's very obvious he treats his responsibilities with a significant amount of respect and gravity. I mean he pretty much won't even publicly comment on global warming, except to state that he is a meteorologist, as opposed to a climatologist. Well that, and to take shots at the folks on both sides of the issue hyping it up. At the same time I do feel that at times he is a bit jaded (again understandable), as well as gun shy except when he is very certain of the information that is backing up what he is stating. To me, it feels like that sometimes gets in the way of some of his abilities as a public figure to communicate information to the general public. Put another way, I would really, really like to be a fly on the wall of his home to see if he gets excited about snow or other weather events. He certainly lightens up a bit on Weather Brains.
  12. You’re not wrong there’s a heck of a line coming AL right now.
  13. Seeing as we're quoting Bon Jovi, things are kinda iffy weather wise, and I have nothing at the moment to contribute to the analytical discussion let's try a bit of humor.... Living on a Prayer (Southern Winter Re-Mix) Once upon a time not so long ago NOAA used to work around the clock, staff's been on furlough And we’re down on our luck, it's tough, so tough Steve looks at the models all day, looking for a way He tries to bring us hope, for snow, for snow He says, we've got to hold on to the trends we’ve got It doesn't matter if the CAD’s in place or not We've got the ensembles that's a lot, for snow We'll give it a shot Woah, the model's are flip/flopping everywhere Woah, livin' on a prayer Believe in the Polar Vortex, a lobe will get here I swear Woah, livin' on a prayer Spann’s got his suspenders on cocked Now he’s reigning us in with his tough talk It's tough, so tough We dream of 10:1 ratios When we whine on the forums, Steve whispers Guys, it’ll be okay, someday We've got to hold on to the -NAO It doesn't make a difference if the wedge is in place or not We've got a southern slider and that's a lot for snow We'll give it a shot Woah, the suppression’s almost there Woah, livin' on a prayer Cold’s chasing rain, it’ll make it Steve swears Woah, livin' on a prayer Livin' on a prayer Oh, we've got to hold on, dew points low enough or not You live for the flurry when it's all that you've got Woah, the trends are almost there Woah, livin' in the South Take the clipper, it’ll snow I swear Woah, livin' on a prayer……… Steve, please feel free to remove if I'm straying a bit too far from the discussion 😃
  14. Ha! I grew up in Tampa and was Eckerd College during that storm. Before the campus was closed we took a friend's camaro over to St. Pete Beach to play in the surf. We ended up having to push the camaro through water back to the 54th S. bridge because the tide came in so quickly. Ended up crashing with about 12 people back at my folk's place in Tarpon Springs for a couple of days. Good times!
  15. No experience specifically with Mr. Buddy heaters. However, I do however have a ventless propane fireplace. Because there is no vent to remove the carbon monoxide produced we have multiple battery/mains powered carbon monoxide detectors in the house. The Mr. Buddy Heaters are somewhat the same if you are using them inside. While apparently at least some models come with an onboard carbon monoxide alarm, I would not place all of my trust in that feature. If you buy Mr Buddy Heater(s) I would also purchase a wall plug type carbon monoxide detector that also detects explosive gases and has a battery backup for each of the heaters that you are using. Something like this should fit the bill: https://www.homedepot.com/p/First-Alert-Plug-In-Explosive-Gas-and-Carbon-Monoxide-Detector-Alarm-with-Digital-Display-1039760/307674839 The Mr. Buddy I just looked at also as a tip-over cutoff feature. While it would be reasonable to suspect all of them do, I would none the less consider getting some type of fire resistant base to put it on: https://www.acehardware.com/departments/heating-and-cooling/fireplaces/hearth-rugs-and-boards/4487138?x429=true&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&gclid=CjwKCAiA1ZDiBRAXEiwAIWyNC9cAPfkagttxc_S76TdVgDAS3gfieKTNxBn511bWE5jiR84tV8NqzxoCzj8QAvD_BwE
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