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  1. Looks like I am going to pay my quarter and jumped on the roller coaster one last time before they close up the winter park. It will either be a fun 7 days or the models will shut the ride down early. Let the fun begin.
  2. I would add- check your anti freeze in your cars- if we hit some temps we have not seen in decades. add outside faucet protectors, insulated covers. move some firewood into the dry or cover with a tarp (wet wood is a pain). get some extra lantern oil. get some extra propane - grill, buddy heater once mainstream media starts sounding the alarm, supplies will get bought up. prepare this weekend.
  3. For a mobile (free) radar app, I enjoy Radarnow. It seems to be in real time based on watching severe t storms roll in. I have a droid so I don't know if it is an app in apple.
  4. I don't remember the set up for the February 2009 CAD event (i think it was 2009), but it was a heavy snow producer all the way to Athens and south. I don't recall it effecting Atlanta much if any but it was a destructive wet snow that knocked power out for a ton of people for an extended period of time. The question - I can understand the High over Ohio pushing the cold air and its force/strength will dictate how far into GA it goes, but doesn't the topography play into it more on where the cold air filters to. Then depending on the strength of the CAD will dictate if some of us will get ZR, sleet or snow - correct. I ask to say does it really matter where the High is as long as the biggest push is the eastern slopes of the mountains so we are more concerned about its strength as this point? The 2009 set up pushed the cold air in a specific area where it looked like it was driven more by topography.
  5. Its the 2nd quarter and we are still in the game.
  6. Looks like everyone is getting on the roller coaster for the ride. Alarm bells are sounding in the upstate and now Robert (wx south) is on board for Northeast GA. Nothing like the highs and lows of a big winter weather storm 5 days out. Gonna be a fun ride.
  7. question - once the wave hits California can the track get nailed down? Are we wanting the low to come across around Jacksonville FL?
  8. With it being a CAD event are we looking at a crippling wet snow event which can be as bad if not worse than a major ice storm? (If the trend continues of course)
  9. question/suggestion. Is there a feature on your platform that would allow when you click on a thread you are watching it will open up on the last post you read. Don't know if you are on the Dawgvent but basically I can read a thread this morning and go back to same thread later in the day and when I click on it it opens up to the last post I read so i don't have to swim through the same waters and figure out where I left off. I know this feature would be nice when you have a big weather/snow thread. sf
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