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  1. I hope people leave, I just don't see Dorian turning quickly enough now to not severely affect Florida. I knew this storm would be a doozy.
  2. I was wondering if the Derby will be affected this year, well dang. I'm sure they'll still run but watching an insanely muddy race isn't much fun.
  3. I live and work in Marietta, it's fine just a lot of rain.
  4. I still check in from time to time, I saw that we are forecasted to have another El Nino so maybe next winter will be better?
  5. Bastardi is always very snow hungry but I hope his predictions come true to at least a small extent, I doubt we'll have a huge blizzard but something would be better than nothing.
  6. Just saw this article about the new FV3 modal not being very reliable for predicting snow - https://www.wired.com/story/the-governments-new-weather-model-faces-a-storm-of-protest/
  7. It's 39 and pouring here in Marietta, are the temperatures supposed to keep dropping or are we just going to sit at a very cold rain?
  8. No worries, if it's not going to snow I want some warm weather!
  9. Guess that means there's no possible cool down in sight? Sorry about your knee! I dislocated my kneecap a few years ago and still have some issues with it because I'm also a runner but a good orthopedic MD is always a good idea with joint issues.
  10. Come just a leeeeetle further east GFS with all that snow.
  11. I wouldn't be surprised! Let's just go for a repeat of the March '93 blizzard while we're at it.
  12. If we could get some low pressure systems tracking a little further south we'd be in business but it's doubtful considering the luck we've had so far this winter.
  13. Wouldn't the 2/7 system be similar to the system we just had with the cold chasing the moisture or would it be different? At this point I'd rather have more rain than ice.
  14. Oh nice! I'm annoyed, it would snow just as I thought everything was wrapping up LOL.
  15. Well I looked out my office window and we have snow! It's 35 and I'm over near Kennestone Hospital.
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