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  1. Yeah we can't shut up about it weeks in advance but when we're 12 hours out we all get quiet. Guess we dont wanna scare away the very slim chance we still have left 😂🤣😅 On a brighter note..for all the teachers
  2. My husband is the same way. I am always updating him when yall get excited on here and I refer to you as "my people" lol. He said earlier "so what are your people saying now?" I told him when it snows just remember 'I told ya so' lol
  3. Now at 34 in Oakwood (south Hall county) I think there is a little sleet mixing in
  4. I just wish it was still light outside so I didnt have to keep peeking out the window or opening the door and freezing haha I'm checking every 5 minutes
  5. Steve are you able to start a post on the fb page for what people are seeing and where?
  6. White county dispatch said snow is sticking to the back roads now.
  7. 36 in Gainesville..steady rain.. very windy with some strong gusts every couple of minutes
  8. I was sooo hoping to at least see some pretty white stuff even if it didnt stick. Looking more and more like all we will see is freezing rain for Hall County. Bummer haha...I always hope for a miracle no matter how good or bad the odds are. I love snow.
  9. It was 37 here in Gainesville an hour ago..not sure at the moment. According to what you know and see..should I expect to see any snow flakes or is it just solely rain and freezing rain here?
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