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  1. We had thunder last evening around 10:00-10:30! Surprised with it as chilly as it was!
  2. At my place in 2010 in this date I had a low of 13 and a high of 35! Christmas of 2010 we recorded 3 inches of snow at my location 5.5 miles Southeast of Athens Ben Epps Airport! A once in a lifetime event for Northeast Georgia outside of the mountains! Recorded a total of 2.80 inches of rainfall for this rainfall event! Much needed for the thirsty ground!
  3. Any idea Steve how much rain we might get with this next system here in the Athens area? We really need some meaningful rainfall! Nothing yet to recharge ground water! Farm ponds around area are very low from dry summer and fall and have recovered very little! Starting to get worried!
  4. I strongly believe that Larry Cosgrove is spot on with his prediction of our winter season going forward! I think our extreme hot dry September and early October may be a sign where we are heading towards a strong La Niña which would translate to potential for severe drought and heat next summer or maybe the next couple years! And of course torch in the winter seasons! 2007/08 and 2008/09 were not good winters here in Georgia especially 07/08! We did have a Great snowstorm in Athens area in early March 2009 however!!! I guess we need to treasure every cold snap we get this winter season and of course any winter precipitation, because after this season we go into a strong La Niña it may be awhile before we get the opportunity again! Just Saying!
  5. Concerning Larry Cosgrove’s comparing this year’s potential setup to 2007/2008 and 2008/2009 winter seasons neither were very good here in Northeast Georgia! 07/08 +1.6 in Athens and 08/09 +1.03, however we got a beautiful, Big snowstorm in March 2009! Anyway a positive way to look at it is both years much better than the Blowtorch of last winter at +2.42! I think he may be about right this season! Anything better than the last 2-3 winter seasons!
  6. I am hoping you are right! We need that Tour De Warmth of The MJO to speed right along! Lol! JB on WB has been pretty adamant about a warm December though and that worries me! He has had 2-3 bad forecasting years, but he has been spot on so far this fall with his prediction of Endless Summer and then Cold November!
  7. The weather seems to be trending in the direction of another warm December! The trough wants to be in the West and Central part of the country! Been that way for the last year! Underachieving rainfall with these cold fronts! Very La Niña like! Ghost of December 2015??? Hopefully a different outcome January and February! Hopeful but very skeptical! The trend is your friend! NOT!!!!!
  8. It was cold last November and the first week of December then it flipped to Blowtorch the rest of the winter season! I am going to enjoy the chilly weather ahead, but not getting my hopes up yet! The core of the cold continues to drop into the Center of the country! Just saying!
  9. A big Ridge in the East/Southeast, trough in the West, above normal temperatures, and very little rain? Imagine that!!! At this rate the trees will still be green at Thanksgiving! 😁 l would think at this rate we should be close to a top 5 warmest October! Top 10 a sure bet! Mother Nature could be giving us a hint concerning the Winter Season? Just saying! 😎
  10. Not a great track for meaningful rainfall for NE Georgia!
  11. The trough is still favoring the West and although much weaker that Bermuda Ridge is still lurking! It has been this way for the last year with the exception of November last year and to a lesser extent March of this year! The trend is your friend! NOT!!!
  12. I want to trust the pioneer model, but it is the outlier of the models and has been so wrong last couple of years! We just can’t seem to get out of this La Niña like pattern and before you know it we will be in a La Niña down the Road! Have really enjoyed last couple of days!
  13. We got a nice rain last night! 0.82 inches which was so welcome as we were parched! No hail, but some wind gusts maybe to 40 mph! Hopefully more rain in the next day or two! My location 5 miles Southeast of Athens Ben Epps Airport! How about you Steve?
  14. 28 days of 90+ in July and 7 days so far in August in Athens! Data from Athens Ben Epps Airport! It is amazing how much Hotter Athens is than Atlanta/Dacula area! If you look back at weather records all the way back to late 1800’s it has always been that way especially with maximum temperatures!
  15. I believe Athens Ben Epps Airport got 3.73 inches! That gives new meaning to the phrase raining like a cow peeing on a flat rock! Lol!
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