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  1. NW wind in Athens area today! Downsloping effect today could that be the added spark to send us to the century mark today?
  2. Thanks Steve! The placement of the Ridge makes a lot of sense also! Looking at weather stats in the Hot summer of 1980 it appears Atlanta was a slight bit warmer than Athens and if my memory is treating me right that death Ridge was a little further West towards Texas So Atlanta and West Georgia was closer to Center of Ridge!
  3. Thanks that makes a lot of sense on why we are the hotspot here in Athens! Also I know Rome sits in a valley and am wondering if they have a similar situation?
  4. Yep 2016 brutal hot especially Athens area! We had from April-October 108 90+ days and 5 100+ days! Going back to the scorching decades of the 1920’s and 1930’s 1925 featured 117 days of 90+ and 33 days of 100+! 1931 featured 113 days of 90+ and 23 100+ days followed by the warmest winter on record! Steve a question you may or may not be able to answer and that is why is the Athens area always the hottest spot in Northeast Georgia especially for maximum temperatures! Minimum temperatures on the other hand we can be one of cooler spots outside mountains and South of I-85! It has always been that way including 3 different recording sites ? Also Rome seems to have the same problem for Northwest Georgia and North of I-85 ?
  5. WOW! You only dropped to 76 overnight? My location was 70 this am. 73 right now but rising quickly!
  6. I have been worried about drought development since rain started backing off in February! Seen this many times over the years! That Displaced Atlantic Bermuda High has been pretty much a pain in our butt since Mid-December!
  7. We are about to break all time records for the month of May at all those weather sites listed IMO!!! Records are meant to be broken Lol!!!
  8. I hope you are right Steve, but that dang Bermuda Ridge has been consistently strong and displaced to the West over the Southeast since at least Mid-December, although it flattened a little in March! The drying ground is going to feed back! Pattern is eerily similar to summer 1993! That summer was a beast, especially July!!! I hope you are right and I am wrong, but I have a feeling that Ridge is going to be an on and off unwelcome visitor for a good part of the summer!
  9. I hope you are right!!!
  10. I am exactly 5 miles Southeast of Ben Epps in a rural area and my daytime temperatures are usually 1-2 degrees cooler and at night it depends! On a calm clear night I am usually 2-3 degrees cooler especially in the fall and spring seasons, but on a cloudy or windy night we are usually identical!
  11. Amazing Steve that you are below normal, we are +3.2 for May at Athens Ben Epps Airport! Amazing difference a few miles makes!
  12. Bets on 100+ degrees on at least 1 day in Athens for upcoming heat wave??? Lol!!!
  13. Not so sure I buy into that wet/cool summer scenario! That Bermuda Ridge placement has been amazingly persistent all the way back to last December! I would put my bet on a hot dry summer season if I was a betting man! Hope I am wrong!!!
  14. Steve are you going to issue a summer forecast this year? I sure hope Joe Bastardi ‘s forecast doesn’t verify! +3.0 would tie 2016 and 1925 as hottest on record!!! 2016 was horrible and can’t imagine 1925 , 33 100+ days in Athens with no AC!!!
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