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  1. My Horticultural Intuition tells me we are going to get awfully close to breaking a pollen record this season!
  2. Steve do you have links to these Web Cams? Beautiful!!!
  3. Heck I just wanted a good rain yesterday! 1/10 of an inch isn’t going to cut it! I tried to plow my garden yesterday and in most of the garden area the top 6-8 inches is so dry my plow wouldn’t even penetrate more than 2-3 inches so I am going to have to run sprinklers before I can properly plow ground! I have a 4 ft. Commercial rotovator/tiller! I hope I am very wrong but got a strange feeling we are going to have a hot dry late spring and summer season with the big Bermuda high parked over Southeast !
  4. The cooler weather has slowed the pollination process and you are right when the temperatures get warm it will all come at once! I would almost bet that we set a pollen count record this season maybe on multiple days!
  5. Yeah people don’t keep a close enough eye on these! Everyone is worried about global warming, but when another strong CME like the 1859 Carrington Event slams the earth and fries all our computers and knocks out our electric grid we will have a far larger problem than global warming! Mother Nature will cleanse the gene pool!!!
  6. As a former plant nursery owner who has observed weather trends for 30+ years this is exactly how our summer heat and drought cycles can start! Those rain events slowly start backing off during the spring and as the ground dries out with a strong spring sun this starts feeding back and then we fall into a blowtorch dry summer! That Bermuda high has loved its displaced position to the South and West of its normal position since December so just wondering if that is where it sets up shop during summer bringing miserable heat and lack of rain! My great grandfather who was and old cotton farmer would always say that all floods end in drought and all droughts end in floods! Time will tell!
  7. Steve it appears we might have a recurving Typhoon in the Pacific around the 25th. Is it possible that may shift the pattern enough to bring us at least some seasonal temperatures? We need to slow the plants and trees down to avert a possible damaging crop killing freeze as we progress into March!
  8. Yea I like your comment enjoy it while you can! I got a strange feeling that Bermuda high/Southeast Ridge isn’t going anywhere and will be parked over us all summer with 95-100 degree heat and no rain!!! As the old farmers used to say drought ends in floods and floods end in drought!!!
  9. My bet is the 78 forecasted for Athens is going to bust by 3-4 degrees! Sun broke way too early! Heck let’s break all time record for February while we are at it! Lol!
  10. It is looking like the Athens area is missing out again! It appears we need a Miller A storm that tracks really close to the Florida/Georgia border to bring anything other than a dusting or flurries to the Athens area! Too bad we can’t get back into the pattern we had in November! That month gave me false hope that we might have a good winter for a change, but it hasn’t worked out so far! Maybe things will change after our blowtorch week after next???
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