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  1. Thanks for your updates Steve! Much appreciated!!!
  2. Geez I hope not! That would be catastrophic to the Horticulture and farming interests! Shades of the disastrous Easter Freeze of 2007!
  3. I lived in East Central Florida during the March 1980 cold outbreak! 26 degrees in Fort Pierce and 32 on Miami Beach! Strong NW winds so an advection freeze that damaged a lot of vegetation!!! Snow flurries as far South as Gainesville!!!
  4. March 1960 and September 1925 are probably 2 of the most extreme anomalous months on record in the Southeastern US!!!
  5. Happy Birthday Steve! Hope you get out and celebrate! Thanks for all the great weather information you share with us! ๐ŸŽ‚๐ŸŽˆ๐ŸŽŠ๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‚
  6. That abnormal warmth in February 1989 was followed a few days later by some light freezing rain and then 2-3 days after that by 4-5 inches of snow in Athens! 4-5 days after that back to 70 degrees! I ran across a picture the other day with that snow and a Chinese elm tree in my back yard with new green leaves on it peaking through its snow covered branches! 88/89 very warm winter season also as was 89/90, 90/91,91/92, and 92/93 minus March blizzard!
  7. Epic February heatwave continues! Probably going to be a lot of record high overnight minimum temperatures this morning! 66 here in Athens!?!? 70 at 8:00 am.??? Hopefully once in a lifetime event! This would just about be a record high minimum in East Central Florida where I grew up!!! WOW!!!
  8. Glenn Burns posted the new 8-14 day outlook which is a continuing trend of this winter of our discontent featuring SE Ridge with Warm East/Cold West! I commented Nothing new and at the current rate Athens and Atlanta were on pace for a top 5 warmest winter season! His comment was that it had been pretty cold! WTF??? Am I missing something here???
  9. I think Glenn just Like Joe Bastardi on WB are both losing it! 11th. warmest January on record is nothing to sneeze about and neither is 4 th. Warmest winter season on record to date! As warm as February is looking we could easily bump that up to warmest winter on record! Looking like a repeat of the last 3 Februaryโ€™s but possibly warmer! Bermuda Ridge on steroids!!!
  10. Record high of 79 in Athens today! Breaks record of 78 set back in 1932, which coincidentally is the warmest winter on record for Athens area!
  11. Hey I hate warm winter weather more than probably anybody on here and absolutely love snow so you are obviously interpreting my posts the wrong way! I had a bad feeling about this winter based on the similarities to the sensible weather pattern last year with the extreme heat in September/early October then the flip to a cold November followed by resurgence of SE Ridge/zonal flow in December! I am trying to put this year in historical comparison with other very warm winter seasons like Steve has done with snow seasons and lack of!!!! Some of those snowless streaks had very warm winter temperat
  12. Ditto for me also! I got my degree in horticulture but if I had been good in math and physics the dream would have been a degree in atmospheric science and a second major in Horticulture! Oh well at least I can be a weather weenie thanks to good folks like Steve and his great site!!!
  13. Not my wish I absolutely despise warm winter weather! I would rather swelter in 100 degree heat in July than muggy 70 degree blowtorch in the winter season!!! I love snow and with the exception of 1.5 inches of snow in January 2018 we have not had a snow more than a trace here in the Athens area since February 2015! In addition this is our fifth warmer than normal winter season in a row! Not only is the lack of chill disappointing to us it is really bad for our native plant life and ecosystem including animal life! It is not good for the fruit farmers who need a lot of hours of winter chill ac
  14. Steve do you have a graphic for top ten warmest winter seasons on record for Atlanta and Athens? Would need to be threaded records since weather observation sites have changed over the many years!
  15. The serious question here is just how warm will February be? Do we break the record for warmest February on record set just 2 years ago in 2018? Label me a pessimist but I like our chances of that possibility! The next concern I have is does this persistence of pattern with SE Ridge carry into our summer season resulting in extreme heat, drought, and endless Summer again but maybe worse than last year? With possible La Niรฑa developing would not doubt it! Was the extreme heat/flash drought in September early October a warning of what is to come? And finally as we slip into Spring does the PV su
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