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  1. Steve, she looks like she wants to go Cat5 doesn’t she?
  2. I just popped over to weathernerds and looked at their storm floaters... she looks MEAN. I pray people have heeded warnings and evacuation orders!
  3. NAM still looks kinda nasty for the whole state, I won’t lie
  4. Wow. 🤯🤯🤯 I cant even fathom the meteorological dynamics that had to come together for that to occur like that. I lived in Rockmart for the 2011 one. 😬 terrifying.
  5. That’s mind blowing. What’s the record for longest track on a tornado I wonder....
  6. That bassfield one was insane to watch happen... even Jim Cantore was like “WHOA”
  7. Yeah that one is ugly. Still on the ground I think too. 😕 Praying for all those who live in that area
  8. I’m really shocked they did it that way and not more, elongated. All those cells in Alabama don’t look like fun at all...
  9. 1,2,3 were 107, 92, 92, and then 4 was RF/48... weird. It’s knocking on my door basically and I’m like WHAT IS THAT. Lol
  10. Steve. This is prob random, but would this “gash” indicate some straight line winds? It’s definitely throwing some strong values in a few places, I’ve been eyeing it for a few mins.
  11. That’s crazy. It’s been rotating since wayyy back in Alabama.
  12. I was thinking the same. It’s been tightening rotation for a HOT minute
  13. Got the kiddos laid on a palette in the living room. Trying to keep them calm and stay abreast of everything.
  14. Steve, do they seem to be moving a little quicker? I feel like saying 11ish arrival is a little, late? I mean that vicious Birmingham one is NOT THAT FAR
  15. Thunder rolling in over here in Dallas: round 1 *Ding Ding*
  16. *added to next big purchase for myself* lol I’ve been browsing which home weather stations to buy... just havent committed to one yet lol
  17. Gotcha! Makes more sense. I’m still learning how to read these various maps(and unfortunately today is perfect opportunity to see it in action.) thank you Steve.
  18. Is this just straight line winds? It seems too broad to be a tornado
  19. I’m sitting here just watching tornadoes pop up like popcorn all over LA on RadarScope. Absolutely insane. I pray everyone in the paths is safe...
  20. Truly fascinating stuff. (Also feel free to correct me if I’m wrong Steve lol)
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