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  1. Do you think, in general, we will get any more tornados tonight?
  2. I had question. Is it possible to have a tornado without a thunderstorm?
  3. So, if I am understanding right, just rain and wind for us mostly?
  4. I noticed the yellow segment next to GA is gone in the latest outlook, thoughts?
  5. So they like a clump of semi-strong multi-directional wind gusts?
  6. Sorry for the second post, I would habe edited the first again if I could. Anyways, when a special weatber statement says chance of a brief tornado, how brief do they mean, and how strong? It isn't a severe storm, just strong, so I am a bit confused...
  7. I am more saying this to comfort myself, but I also wanna make sure I remember, that 2% for tornadoes means there is a 98% chance there WON'T be a tornado within 25 miles of any given point?
  8. So, if I am understanding correctly, don't worry about severe, but be ready on the otf chance it does happen?
  9. Any severe weather chances for Friday and Saturday?
  10. I have a question, what does M stand for? I know H is Hurricane, S is Storm, and D is De0ression, so what is M?
  11. The storm curving back this way after it has been on land a while, and us getting Tropical Depression weather. Sorry for late reply, fell back to sleep after posting
  12. So, correct me if I am wrong, but by the end of the week, we will experience some remanents rebound?
  13. Obviously Hurricanes and strong Tropical Storms are bad in general, but, and you can obviously correct me if I am wrong, it seems like things are looking better and better for Georgia
  14. This is why I never fully understood giving estimates of storm strength so far out. I get people need to be warned, but there is so much unknown that it is like playing a guessing game.
  15. Okay, just curious, here's hoping it changes and turns quicker so we get the west side, lol
  16. Is it true that the Northeartern quadrent of a hurricane is usually the worst part?
  17. Are they expecting the storms to become full fledged Hurricanes?
  18. So, if I am understanding correctly, unless some huge change happens, we will most likely only see the outer bands of this hurricane?
  19. Will the Saharan Dust affect the weather here? I am not fully sure what it even is.
  20. Just poured where I am... So, how is tomorrow looking, noticed slight risk for us.
  21. Glad to see you back Steve, your new home is near me, maybe I can visit after the virus is done, lol. But seriously, hope you enjoy your new place.
  22. No clue when you will see this, but I hope moving is going, or went, well.
  23. 1. AWESOME house, hooe you enjoy it. 2. Is it true the North East (of the country) might get snow this weekend?
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