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  1. ? It the level 3 risk moved north and the Tornado threat moved north also?
  2. Looks like the moderate risk has shifted some to the east and North, now it includes to whole City of Atlanta
  3. Ok you say North ga is in the clear? From where to where? Like Atlanta north? Or where just wondering
  4. Well its official. Glenn Burns just called winter.. no snow is going to happen lol... well bring on the 70's
  5. It's the end of winter as we know it.. the fat lady is singing
  6. Confirmed EF-0 Tornado touched in north Clayton County yesterday afternoon.
  7. Nothing is going to happen. Look at all the times the models say snow and then it doesnt happen. It's not going to snow... the models have been wrong all winter..
  8. Winter is over. Just a few cool daya likes today. But no snow or ice or anything. Just rain.. maybe next winter
  9. Looks like a CAD on the modles. But yeah dont trust it...
  10. For 2 days and then the warmth returns. Winter is over..no chances of snow anywhere
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