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  1. Loving. This. Weather!! I know I'm jumping ahead, how does Sunday look?
  2. Well, I'm going to go for it, and over-seed the pastures this weekend. I am feeling pretty confident in the temperatures, and this light rain is perfect. Hopefully no more cold snaps!
  3. I'm late to the party, but Happy Birthday! Thanks for all your hard work keeping us informed!
  4. A snow event does me no good on the weekend. Looking for a Monday-Thursday kind of window, here...
  5. I lived in Sunny Florida at the time - 2014, but my Step-dad was stuck 5 miles from home (with the dog in the back seat) for 14 hours. I can't imagine!
  6. Get some farm animals. Especially some hindgut fermenters that rather colic than drink water in cold weather. It will help take the joy out of snow. lol
  7. This stresses me like some people stress about tornadoes. A dusting, maybe an inch is good for me.
  8. Lightning/Thunder was present in the system that just exited the area of Marietta/Dobbins.
  9. Trying to get a better handle on the timing: Saturday - When can we expect winds to really pick up? When will we begin to see steady rain? Sunday - When will this be out of our area? (trying to schedule a trail ride either Saturday mid-morning or Sunday midday in Waleska)
  10. I am content to pass on that. I'm love the 60's and Sunshine. This is better than the Spring!
  11. Also, how many days until spring 😂
  12. Seeing morning low temperatures in the 30's already? 😨 I guess I need to dig out the winter apparel this weekend. I have been putting it off, as if that would convince summer to stick around a bit longer.
  13. I love everything about these posts.
  14. So the Groundhog says it's time for spring. Bring it on!
  15. I'm down the street from you - on the other side of the square - same thing here!
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