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Chilly and Damp for the End of the Work Week



The upcoming 5 days are going to really make you feel like it's fall!

Today, sunny and warm! Awesome day to get outside, and probably the best day to do so through Monday.

I'll share several images here, temps and temp anomalies for Thu/Fri, and precip through Sunday night.

Max Temp Thursday



Thursday Max Temp Anomalies



Max Temps Friday



Friday Max Temp Anomalies - Notice that some of those temps are close to 20 degrees below normal. Looks like a wedge. A wedge is also called Cold Air Damming or CAD. 



Precip through Sunday - For most, close to an inch of rain will fall



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    • I strongly believe that Larry Cosgrove is spot on with his prediction of our winter season going forward! I think our extreme hot dry September and early October may be a sign where we are heading towards a strong La Niña which would translate to potential for severe drought and heat next summer or maybe the next couple years! And of course torch in the winter seasons! 2007/08 and 2008/09 were not good winters here in Georgia especially 07/08! We did have a Great snowstorm in Athens area in early March 2009 however!!! I guess we need to treasure every cold snap we get this winter season and of course any winter precipitation, because after this season we go into a strong La Niña it may be awhile before we get the opportunity again! Just Saying!
    • I gotta admit, after only getting snow in December the last 2 years, watching the potential for this month start to fade has got me nervous yet again. It's not the cold I'm worried about, we will always get shots of cold in the winter months. It's the mean troughs tendency to set up too far west going on 3 straight years, causing every single system to cut too far inland. I'm hopeful, but generally pessimistic lol.
    • And in 2010 I hit 16 degrees for a low on this date.
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