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Tuesday, August 27



Good morning! 🙂

Before we talk about Nebraska weather, just a little bit about Dorian. I know we have a lot of people from Florida that are going to be headed to Lincoln, and Dorian "may" have a significant impact on Florida. I know most Floridians have their go to people for tropical information as well as the obvious NHC, but I'm tracking Dorian as well with frequent updates throughout the day. So if you or someone you know has any interest near the east coast of Florida, you can follow my updates here. Newest updates are the last comments. 


There is still a chance for rain Friday although the best chance may be on Saturday. Notice the highlight in red. Let's hope the trend continues. That would also indicate warmer/hotter temperatures.


.LONG TERM...(Friday through Monday)
Issued at 200 AM CDT Tue Aug 27 2019

A better defined shortwave moving out of the Rockies Friday into
Saturday is progged to bring more showers/thunderstorms to the
Plains as it interacts with a remnant surface front. More cloud
cover and cooler temperatures should accompany the rain chances,
with afternoon highs low 70s Friday and Saturday. Forecaster
confidence in cooler, cloudier and damp weather Friday into
Saturday is moderate.

With low confidence, the model consensus suggests a drying trend
from Sunday into early next week as an upper level ridge tries to
build over the Southern Plains.


Here's a look at the chances for rain/temps/everything/ on an hour by hour basis for Friday and Saturday, at least for now. Of course, it is subject to change if it wants to. 😉 

Thursday through Saturday morning


Saturday through Monday morning



And of course... the official NWS forecast



Luckily for Lincoln, the current bullseye for rainfall is over Kansas although this is what Lincoln may see through the 8am, Sunday. And again, that is if it doesn't decide to change. 😉 As you can also see... it's not very far away. This  rainfall is mainly Friday and Saturday. 


We'll know more about the odds for precip tomorrow, although those meteograms along with the precip totals give you a general idea of the rainfall. The Omaha NWS apparently doesn't like putting those percentages out too far ahead of time. 🙂

Have a great day!


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    • Gfs is hinting at a tropical system out of the Caribbean.  Pretty nasty at that. It has kept introducing it off and on.  With the big cool down and the movements of overall circulation what are you thoughts here?
    • Good morning!       And speaking of the closed off bowling ball, here's what that 500 mb anomaly looks like. THIS is what we want to see this winter. Big closed upper air lows can make their own cold air in the winter by drawing down much colder air from the upper reaches of the atmosphere.    These are the corresponding surface temperature anomalies... we're going to be well below normal for the first week of October.    Do you remember what last October was like? We were broiling in the mid to upper 80's with extremely dry conditions.   Don't want to ever see that again, that totally ruined fall.  Take a look at the Euro's thoughts on low temps for next Sunday morning.   Here are two images, one from the GFS and one from the Euro, showing a cross section of the temperatures from the surface to about 200 mb which is getting close to 40,000 feet. You can see the dips in the temperatures next week. The temps are in Celsius so the zero degree line is 32 degrees.   While we expect some rain between now and next weekend, it won't be a a lot. There is a decent chance of rain in advance of the bowling ball but nothing significant at the moment. This is the expected rainfall through Thursday morning.   So we'll warm up a little before we cool down, so just a little patience! 🙂 Hope everyone has a great Saturday!
    • Good morning! Man... it just seems like this month is flying by to me. Here we are coming up on the middle of fall and the 2nd busiest month for hurricanes, so that means there ought to be lots of weather to talk about, but right now we're in a lull.  This mornings map (300 mb winds and isobars/dewpoints/water vapor/radar) shows a mostly zonal flow across the northern tier of the US. You can see the weak cold front trailing down though TN/AR/TX. You can also see how the southeast is still in the moisture while the northern and western parts of the US are dry.      Here's a look at the upcoming temperatures for selected areas around north Georgia. These are the official NWS forecast temps. Notice the end of the week.   The rain is about over but there could be a light shower/drizzle passing through, these are the rainfall expectations through 8 pm this evening.   So not much going on to get excited about. After having 5-7 storms in the Atlantic at once, we now have zero.    Yesterday's CoCoRaHS rainfall measurements look like this. I feel very alone up here.... 🙂   That's it! 🙂 I hop everyone has a great Friday!
    • Sorry, missed your question. I guess you've already gotten the answer. 🙂  
    • Any update on expected wind gusts or are we still just looking at breezy conditions if anything?
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