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This is the hard part...



This is the part I hate. Sitting... waiting... Yes, we know the pattern is changing, but everyone wants to see concrete evidence, they want to see a big snowstorm barreling toward us like a giant avalanche. I know because that's what I want. :classic_biggrin: But I (we) have to be patient. We've had our 60 days of cold, 30 days of warmth, so it's now time for our 60 days of cold again. Winter is knocking on the doorstep, no question about it. But until the models can get it all figured out... we wait for our storms.

I have a lot of pictures of me when I was younger and growing up in Nashville,  playing in the snow, and maybe that is one reason I love snow so much. I remember going out and staying out until your feet were frozen. You would come back in, throw the clothes in a dryer, eat something, throw the clothes back on and head back out.  They were great times. I remember one snow that was so large, that we blocked off the top of the hill where we would sled with a big berm of snow so no one could drive through. The mailman wasn't happy with us. :classic_dry:

 These early pictures had to have been taken when I was about 5 years old, so around 1960. I don't remember the snow back then other than from these pictures and only remember this house from these pictures. 





But I do remember the snows we had when I was in the 6th grade on up. Listen to Bastardi talk about the winter's of the 60's, and you'll understand the snows I grew up with. Those snows brought so many great memories. And we're not talking little snows, I'm talking BIG snows. Take a look.

I'm sure everyone has some favorite childhood memories and pictures of snow, so feel free to share them here. 




My sister



My mom



"The Big Dipper"



Me on the back of the sled with my tongue sticking out, Robert Hagstrom driving. He went on to write "The Warren Buffet Way"









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    • I want to trust the pioneer model, but it is the outlier of the models and has been so wrong last couple of years! We just can’t seem to get out of this La Niña like pattern and before you know it we will be in a La Niña down the Road! Have really enjoyed last couple of days! 
    • Saturday, September 21, 2019 Model Diagnostic Discussion NWS Weather Prediction Center College Park MD 257 AM EDT Sat Sep 21 2019 Valid Sep 21/0000 UTC thru Sep 24/1200 UTC 00Z Model Evaluation with Preferences and Forecast Confidence ...Synopsis... The synoptic pattern will feature a rather strong deep layer ridge across a large portion of the eastern U.S. this weekend, as a pair of fairly robust northern stream troughs traverse the western and central U.S. The first trough will advance east across the central/northern Plains and upper Midwest Saturday and Sunday along with an attendant cold front and a multiple waves of low pressure riding up along it. This energy will break down the ridge over the East by later Sunday and will allow a cold front to arrive across the OH Valley and lower Great Lakes region by Monday. The height falls are expected to sharpen a bit over the Northeast by Tuesday, and there is support for a somewhat stronger surface low to develop over the interior of northern New England as the cold front pushes off the East Coast. Meanwhile, a second upstream trough will cross the West Coast and move into the Great Basin by Monday before then cutting off from the westerlies and dropping into the Southwest on Tuesday. This upper trough will be a key player in also steering the moisture and energy associated with Hurricane Lorena up across areas of northwest Mexico and into parts of the Four Corners region on Monday and Tuesday. By the end of the period, a new northern stream trough will begin to advance across the northern High Plains along with a cold front. ...Deep trough crossing the Plains/Midwest this weekend... ...Energy closing off over the Northeast early next week... Preference: General model blend...through 60 hours             Non-GFS blend...after 60 hours Confidence: Slightly above average Model differences with the first trough are rather small through most of the weekend as the energy crosses the Intermountain West and advances across the Plains and Midwest, but by later Monday and Tuesday as the energy crosses the Great Lakes and moves into the Northeast, the 00Z GFS becomes a bit more progressive than the remaining guidance. The 00Z non-NCEP guidance is now all very well clustered and close to that of the 00Z NAM. The 00Z GEFS mean is a tad more progressive than the non-GFS suite of models toward the end of the period, but not as progressive as the deterministic GFS, which suggests the GFS is a bit of an outlier at least by the end of the period. Will recommend a general model blend through about 60 hours, and then a non-GFS blend thereafter. ...Upper trough digging into the West by Monday... ...Closed low evolution over the Southwest by Tuesday... ...Moisture/energy associated with Hurricane Lorena... Preference: Blend of the 00Z NAM/GFS and 00Z UKMET Confidence: Average...becoming below average by Mon/Tues Regarding the second trough, the model guidance is well clustered and in good agreement with respect to timing and depth as the system arrives on Monday in across the Intermountain West. However, by Tuesday as the energy cuts off and drops south into the Southwest, the 00Z ECMWF is positioned west of the 00Z NAM/GFS and 00Z UKMET solutions which are now pretty well clustered. The 00Z CMC is now the farthest east solution by the end of the period. The spread in the guidance does still play a role in how the moisture and energy associated with Hurricane Lorena evolves which is expected to lift north through the Gulf of CA and across adjacent areas of northwest Mexico through the period. The 00Z GEFS mean is farthest east with its trough/closed low at the end of the period and is even a little east of the CMC solution. The 12Z ECENS mean tends to support the majority cluster of solutions, but it does suggest the 00Z ECMWF may be a tad too far west. Based on the latest clustering of solutions, a blend of the 00Z NAM/GFS and 00Z UKMET will be preferred. Confidence becomes a bit limited late in the period though based on the relatively large ensemble spread seen with the height fall details. ...Upper trough over the northern High Plains by Tuesday... Preference: General model blend Confidence: Above average The models have good agreement overall with the details of a northern stream trough and associated cold front crossing the northern High Plains by Tuesday. The 00Z GFS is just a tad sharper than the remaining guidance, but the model differences are modest enough that a general model blend can be preferred. Orrison Model Diagnostic DiscussionPreferred Height Pattern500 mb Height TrendsForecast issued by the Weather Prediction Center
    • Gooooood morning! Are you ready for some football? 🙂 It's going to be a great day for it!   There are big differences in temperatures between the Euro and GFS as we move out a little further, and I'm siding with the GFS right now. The Euro wasn't seeing this current cool down in advance, and it's like it's having a difficult time seeing any cool at all.  In case you were wondering, here is Weatherbell's look at fall and a preliminary look at winter temperature anomalies.   They have lots of reasoning behind what you see here, and these maps are based on August/early September inputs. Other than that... crickets.... As long as we stay under a dome og high pressure... nothing changes and nothing happens. I noticed in the forecast that for the next several days, the winds would be 0-5 mph, or for all practical purposes, non-existent.  Hang in there... watch some football, and have a cold one for me! 🙂  Cheers! 🍺 I hope everyone has a GREAT weekend! 🍺 It sure is nice to be home!   
    • Rip Current Statement issued September 21 at 3:44AM EDT until September 21 at 8:00PM EDT by NWS View the full article
    • Rip Current Statement issued September 21 at 3:04AM EDT until September 21 at 9:00PM EDT by NWS View the full article
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