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  1. Dyan

    First Flakes of Snow?

    This is going to be an interesting winter!!
  2. Dyan

    2018-2019 Winter Discussion

    Let's hope so!
  3. Dyan

    2018-2019 Winter Discussion

    I look forward to it!! I'm trying not to get my hopes up for a snowy winter but with all the predictions coming out and how everything is falling in place for it to happen it's so hard not to optimistic!
  4. Dyan

    2018-2019 Winter Discussion

    It sounds like we are going to have a very cold and hopefully wet winter!
  5. Dyan

    Suggestions and Issues

    I think the site looks great and I haven't ran into any issues at all. I'm still learning my way around, clicking on everything to see where it takes me so if I see anything I will let you know. Thank you for all you do here to keep us informed!!
  6. Dyan

    2018-2019 Winter Discussion

    I was young in 78 when the blizzard hit and I remember my Dad had to go out the kitchen window so he could shovel the snow away from the door so we could open it. The wind blew hard and we were snowed in all the way around. I don't like the cold but I do miss the snow storms they were magnificent while the snow was falling!
  7. Dyan

    2018-2019 Winter Discussion

    I grew up in Connecticut and have seen many white Christmases when I was younger however we need a white Christmas this year since my sister and niece are coming up from Tampa fl. and my niece who's eighteen years old has never seen snow before...fingers crossed! ❄☃️?
  8. Dyan

    Winter of 2009-2010

    Your welcome and thank you for keeping us as informed as you do!
  9. Dyan

    Winter of 2009-2010

    I feel like we will get so much more information out of this site and I look forward to see what winter brings this year!!