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  1. Thanks for the update and you guys have a safe trip home!
  2. As always Steve thank you for keeping us informed the way you do, you're the best!!
  3. Have a great time in Florida!!!
  4. Happy Friday Steve, I hope your knee's feeling better! Barrow county is out today and Monday so I'm taking my Son who is in high school now back to the elementary school to see his past teachers that made a lasting impression on him. Oh and I refuse to throw the towel in on winter I will hold on to a surprise storm at least for a few more weeks even if my dandelions are blooming! 😉 Have a great weekend!
  5. Lovesnow, I think that was a general statement and no directed at you because it is dead on here....for now.
  6. Like you said the other day "we need a break" and this warm up is our break. Winter's not over and I will not give up on our snow but a quick warm up and a clearing of our heads will make our next run less stressful! Always optimistic on this end. 😁🌨
  7. That will change soon, just like the weather. 🤣
  8. Steve, as always thank you for all that you do here and no need for apologies you gave us the information available then mother nature changed her mind...not your fault! 🙄 I say let's buckle up, start a new threat and let's do it again! 😁
  9. I'm literally on the line in north Barrow...fingers crossed for this storm to be an over achiever!
  10. Hang in there Steve! I think we are all getting a little frustrated waiting for our big snow considering this was supost to be our winter but I believe it will come very soon and you will be very busy keeping us updated. 🌨
  11. I appreciate the new thread as well it opens the door for new opportunities...bring on the snow! 🌨❄☃️
  12. Although I'm bummed out we haven't seen snow yet (like everyone else here) we will just have to keep watching and hoping for now. Steve you do a fantastic job on here with or without snow in the forcast and we will always be faithful to your site no matter what the weather does. You just keep doing what you do and our snow will come....eventually! 🌨 (I'm an optimist and I think the big one's coming soon!)
  13. Thank you too Steve! I think it's awesome what you've done here on your site and I'm glad it's not on Facebook anymore since there's so much more information here. Now that I've found my way around here I absolutely love it! We need to get the rest of the fb users over here because they just don't know what their missing! 😉
  14. These are amazing, thanks for sharing!
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