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About this blog

EDIT: we now have two ATS-V's, so I had to change the title. 

Just purchased a 2017 Cadillac ATS-V for my new toy! 🙂 I absolutely love this car! The car only has 11,700 miles on it so it really does look brand new. It appears to have every option that was available in 2017, so lots of bells and whistles that I'm just beginning to explore. 

Most of the fun cars I've previously owned were before the "internet" so documentation and even pictures are pretty sparse. That inspired me to do a better job with this one and the reason why I'm creating this blog. I will have all the details about the car including build options, as well as information on the upcoming modifications, performance data, and lots of pictures and videos. 


Entries in this blog

First Autocross

Well... I don't think that turned out too bad for the first time out in three years. I haven't seen the final results yet, but the car felt really good and I wasn't as rusty as I thought I was going to be. 🙂 It was a great day for an autocross with partly cloudy skies and warm temperatures, but as the day went on the clouds filled in and the winds picked up, and we had a few sprinkles for the last heat but nothing to really slow anyone down. There were only 51 entries so everyone got


NorthGeorgiaWX in Huh


The wheels arrived this week... finally. I ordered the wheels on July 1 so it was a long wait but worth it. I took the car down to Gran Turismo East for the installation of all the new pieces (except for the already done engine tune).  Renick RP 556 Wheels Gloss Black Front: 19x9.5” with 265/30-ZR19 Michelin Pilot Sport 4S Rear: 19x11” with 305/30-ZR19 Michelin Pilot Sport 4S Renick front and rear adjustable sway bars Eibach Pro springs Track


NorthGeorgiaWX in Huh

New wheels have finally arrived...

Ordered July 1, arrived October 13. Whatever, they finally got here. All 19" with the fronts being 9.5" wide and the rear 11" wide.   I weighed the wheels and this is what I found. The fronts, despite being a 1/2" wider and an inch in diameter greater, weight less than the OEM wheels by 0.7 lbs. The rear wheel, while 1.5" wider and 1 in diameter great, only weigh 0.4 lbs heavier than the OEM rear. It's the new tires that are heavier.  So Thursday morning we'll be at Gr


NorthGeorgiaWX in Huh


Well.... my wife really needed a nicer car as hers was getting old and she has been a Cadillac girl since she had her 2001 Cadillac SLS in Obsession Red. So.... we found one a little newer in the color she likes. 🙂 This is the newest addition to the family... a 2016 ATS-V sedan. 🙂 Yes, another ATS-V.     This one is a little special though. It looks pretty unassuming doesn't it? Just your normal Cadillac if you didn't know any better. But if you thought you might like to hav


NorthGeorgiaWX in Huh

Ceramic Treatment

Just got the car back yesterday after taking it for a ceramic paint treatment. Since the car only has 13,000 miles on it and appears to be garage kept for its entire life and was in near perfect condition,  I wanted to protect the surface and make it easier to clean. So after doing a little research, I took the car to a place that's about 1 minute away from the Road Atlanta entrance called ZeroDefects. Chris had the car for three days and went over every exterior square inch.  I went with t

Just Ordered Stuff

Let the fun begin. 🙂 It is really hard for me to leave well enough alone, I've always wanted to tweak my cars and make them "mine", so obviously this one will be no different. 🙂 I have already installed the tune from Trifecta and I love it. Not only do I gain ~120 hp at the wheels, but the transmission is also recalibrated and that is awesome. So 18 lbs of boost gets me 500 rwhp. Would love to see what 20 or 22 gets me. 🙂  Today I ordered some Eibach springs for the car. These are


I would love to take the car to a drag strip/autocross for some runs to see how it is currently running before I make any changes to it, but the changes may come first. 🙂 I don't think I've ever owned a car that I haven't made changes to...  The changes I am going to be making to this one will consist of power upgrades, suspension/wheels/tires, and a few cosmetic items... just because. This section is about power... makes me what to make Tim Allen sounds.    From the factory, th


I'm a handling guy, always have been. I love the curvy roads and will go out of my way to take those every chance I get. I started autocrossing cars back in 1973 and have continued off and on for all these years, and the love of driving has only increased as I've gotten older. And it's not just turns, I also want a car that can stop much faster than it can accelerate. This one does it all. In the stock form, this car will pull a steady 1.03 g's on a skidpad, and many people have never even

What is a Cadillac ATS-V?

Most people that aren't car people have no clue about this car. When you first tell people you own a Cadillac most minds conjure up grandpa's finned Cadillac with a 20 foot hood, but this ain't grandpa's Cadillac anymore. In today's world, Cadillac's are known for innovative performance on par with the best the rest of the world can offer, and this car is no exception.  With the introduction of the V Series models, Cadillac stepped up to the world of serious high performance cars. The initi
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