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Making Living Room for the Cars



Originally start the post on September 21

Yea, this isn't inside the house, but it is part of the house. 🙂

I am in the process of doing a garage makeover at our house. First, you have to understand that I'm a car guy and have been all my life, so I baby our cars, so it's only fitting that I have a nice "bedroom" for the "babies". 🙂 I'm working with Amanda Dame (she's right here in Big Canoe, click to email her) to coordinate all of the work and design. 

I don't have any real good before pictures of the garage now, but it's not in terrible shape. But I wanted more of a car guys garage, and was originally thinking about something along these lines but I've since changed my way of thinking in terms of the flooring. More about the design in a minute.



Our garage already has an epoxy floor but it is starting to come up in several places and the only way to fix it is to strip the epoxy from the floor and start over, and that is not a cheap thing to do. In order to get epoxy to stick, the concrete has to be meticulously prepared and if not, you have spots where it will lift off the surface, and that is exactly what my floor is doing.




I love the floor, but I don't want to go to the expense and effort to fix it and run the risk of it happening again. I figured the floor was the first place to start in the design because that color would dictate the color palette for the walls and ceiling. I have been looking at interlocking tile floors for a while now, and I thought I had my floor figured out. I wanted that fancy "race" look much like what you see in the image above and something like this image.



Those tiles look like this. 




 After thinking about that for a while, I didn't want a tile that "drained". I want a floor. The disadvantage to the self draining tiles is that they have to be vacuumed, you can't sweep them. So any dirt or bug that gets in the garage falls into the holes to the surface underneath. Nope, not for me. So what else is there?

This was never going to be a true "working" garage. Think of it as a living room for the cars. 🙂 So, along those lines, I've decided on these interlocking tiles (same company) in a smoked oak color.




To give you an idea what the floor looks like with a car sitting on top of it, here's a picture. As you're looking also notice the darker color to the ceiling in the left half of the image. I'm going with a darker color ceiling. 



RaceDeck is the company that makes the flooring.


favicon.png Smoked Oak Garage & Display Flooring - RaceDeck


Everything looks good parked on Smoked Oak display flooring. This RaceDeck flooring offers a vintage reclaimed wood look that will stand out at any car show


So now that I have the floor picked out we'll move on to the room colors. That will have to wait until I get the floor sample from RaceDeck, and then we'll sit down with Amanda and talk colors (the sample is on the way). We're looking at using three to four colors in the room. I'm adding wainscoting all around the lower half of the walls, so that will be one color, the wall above that will be a different color, and the ceiling will be some dark color. There may be a thin border color between the wainscoting and upper wall, but not sure yet.

We've already complete step 1 with the room, as I just had Bruce Jankowski come out and remove the old fluorescent lights and replace those with recessed LED's. What a difference! It's like a showroom in their now! I'll have to go count but there are at least 16 lights total. The run down the sides of both walls as well as between the cars. Plus, I can now dim the lights, so if I want to detail the cars I can turn them up, if I just want to relax the cars I can turn them down. LOL! Yes, the cars must rest. 🤪




I took some pictures at night so you could see how bright the lights are. Click to enlarge. 

20210823_215233.thumb.jpg.9865876e1f56e4cae9c4f63a3de9df6e.jpg   20210823_215300.thumb.jpg.836fad535baff02f61e69cd0883670e3.jpg


What you probably notice in the picture are the shelves to the right of the red car. Those are built in so they are going to be ripped out as they are in the way when opening the car doors. So those will all come out and I've decided to replace the tub sink with a small vanity and sink. I'm not going for the industrial look and I want to hide the pipes etc.. 🙂 That needs to be done before the floors go down, so I need to search for something that will work in that spot. I love having a sink out there but don't like the look of the one that is there. 



We have one area in the back of the garage that we need to cover up. I've debated the best way of doing that and considered doors and other things like that, but it's such a large opening (83" wide and 97" tall) that doors would become impractical. 



In my searching I found a company that makes curtains in custom sizes and they have some that are race related. 

favicon.ico Race car Window Curtains & Drapes | Block Out | Custom Sizes


VisionBedding is the home of unique bedroom decor! We have a wide variety of custom bedding and custom home decor to choose from. Shop now at VisionBedding.com!


So I've decided to go that route for now. I'll have a custom curtain (1 panel) made to fit the opening. 

I have other accessories planned, there is a piece of neon (a nice garage HAS to have some neon!) that I'll be ordering (below),



as well as a few other car and garage related clock, signs, etc. 



I'll add more information in the comments as we start the work on the garage. 


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October 3

In the garage is a white tub sink that is very useful, but also very unattractive, so I want to replace that with some more fitting for the new room. Notice I didn't call it a garage. 🙂 LOL!

You can see the sink in this image. While it's VERY functional, it is very ugly. One nice thing I do like about it is that I can hook up a hose to the faucet and get hot water to wash the cars when it's cold out. That comes in VERY handy. 



So to replace that, these are what I'm thinking about. I would get a 36" wide version (the current sink is about 2 feet wide and 2 feet deep). I would also get the sink mounted to the left or right of the cabinet instead of the center so I can have some drawer space for cleaning items etc. The other thing I will do is add a spigot on the left side of the cabinet so I could still use a hose for hot water. Gotta have my hot water. 😉 

You have a choice for sinks and you can even get it with no sink, but I like the hammered copper.





favicon.png Rustic Real Log Bathroom Vanity 24" - 42"


This Olde Towne, real wood bathroom vanity will take you back to a simpler, more rustic era.


The guys may be out here tomorrow to start ripping the shelves off the wall and start patching some holes where the electrical work was done. We haven't decided on the final wainscoting for the wall, so I need to get with Amanda about that. The baseboards have to be removed and raised so the new floor can slide underneath, and those will be painted before they go back on the wall. Amanda has my floor sample and is working on a color scheme for the room. We know the ceiling is going to be dark, and we've initially talked about a really dark blue (think planetarium blue) so that the ceiling just fades away. 

We're making progress but it's never fast enough. 🙂 While we're redesigning this room, I also have a company designing our new media room, we have new motorized shades coming for the big windows in the house, and we are replacing our motorized screens on the upper deck with motorized vinyl so we can better utilize the deck during bad weather. Fun times. 🙂 I must be crazy....

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October 4

The demolition started today.







The baseboard was pulled up around the entire wall, that will be pre-painted and put on after the floor is installed so painting won't mess up the floor which tucks up underneath the baseboard.





The areas of the sheetrock that will be exposed have to be repaired and the wainscoting needs to go on before the floor goes in. Right now it takes two weeks to get the floor but I need to time it so it's not sitting outside for very long. The sink and vanity will take a little longer but it needs to go in after the floor goes down anyway.  We have a new idea for the back wall and how to cover the storage rack as well as how we want to cover that wall. 🙂 More on that coming up... 🙂


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October 17

A piece of neon arrived today and it looks awesome! I had to hold it up on the wall where it is going to go and it is perfect fit. You see it as soon as you open the door to walk out into the garage. Even though it has a pull cord to turn it on and off, I really need to add a Control4 switch so that the pull cord can be hidden. You don't want to run the neon any longer than you need it to be lit in order to make it last.



The flooring arrives this Friday and we did decided to use the RaceDeck Smoked Oak flooring that looks like this.



The vanity and sink have been ordered and this is the one we are getting. The vanity is 36" wide (38" including the top). The sink will be mounted on the left side instead of the right that you see in the picture and the sink is 19" antique hammered copper. I hope to mount a spigot on the left side (the side you see in this image) so that I can hook up a hose to a hot water source for washing the cars. 



We have also decided to use barn doors on the back wall to cover the storage area. I really struggled with this decision since these aren't cheap. The deciding factor was the fact that we wanted to do something different on the back wall, and the door style would go perfect with the wainscoting and the floor. Plus, I was going to need custom doors anyway since the opening is 83". The wood color will be similar to what, but we will need to have two doors. Each door needs to be about 44" wide (so it covers the trim), so they aren't small. I won't be using "wheels" as large as what you see here since I don't have a lot of space between the door trim and the ceiling. The doors come with a header board (that matches the doors) that the track mounts to, and there has to be a minimum of 6.5" between the door trim and ceiling to put that. 




The actual door "style" is like this. Also, notice the smaller wheels on top than the picture above. Ours will be the same size wheels but black. All door trim/screws will be black.



We are still working on the colors, but we have it narrowed down. The ceiling is going to be a color like what you see here, something like a midnight blue. When done, the ceiling will just fade away under the LED lights.



Trim color will be some shade of a darker gray. This is called Forged Steel.



So that leaves the wall area above the wainscoting (which will be a rustic lapboard). We are currently thinking something like this.



I'm working on some ideas for the walls that primarily involve pictures, but I need to get with Amanda to talk about those and get her opinion. I also trying to come up with a way to display some trophies that I have, but I'll figure that our later.

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October 24

Wainscoting has been ordered and will arrive next Friday, and they will be here Monday to install the floor. 

This is what I'll be using for the wainscoting. It's 3", 4", and 5" reclaimed wood. It will be installed horizontally and have chair rail type border across the top that will be painted the trim color. 



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Tuesday, October 26

There are some edges left to complete as well as the storage areas, but the floor is mostly done. Wood for the wainscoting will arrive Friday and hopefully that will start to go on the walls next week. That entire back wall that you see in this first image will be covered with the same reclaimed wood as the wainscoting. Barn doors will cover the storage area and a louvered door will cover the refrigerator. The trim around the closet door will come off and will be replaced using the reclaimed wood. THe sink and vanity will go where the garbage can is on the right wall.



It is starting to look more like a room than a garage. 🙂 




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Thursday, October 28

 The wainscoting arrived today, all 360 square feet of it. It's reclaimed wood planks in 3"-5" widths



You can see that the wainscoting and the floor match pretty well. You can also see that the floor is not yet completed. 🙂



Installation instructions and tips.




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The floors have been completed (except maybe for a small closet area) and the wainscoting is going up but we've hit a roadblock. We're going to be using cedar trim for those areas that need it, and we can't get it right now. So the back wall is still not completed since that is where most of the trim goes. We still have to install the baseboards (cedar) and then all the cedar has to be stained a relatively dark color. 

Here's the way it looks so far. The black you see where the baseboard goes is roofing felt that goes on behind the wainscoting. The wood is very thin and is rustic, so it has holes and knots and the felt covers the white of the walls. The darker trim and baseboard (dark gray) will create more of a divide between the wall and floor for it doesn't look like they just run together. The wall above the wainscoting will be a red similar to the color of the car and the ceiling will be a midnight (almost black) blue. The garage doors will be painted the trim color.






I like the way they covered the stairs that lead to the office above the garage.



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 A few more updates. We're going to make a change to the trim color to make it darker, as I am not pleased with the color we have now and I already have the new color picked out. 

The wainscoting on the side walls is done, and the focus now is on the back wall. I had plans on adding barn doors over the storage area, but after seeing how it looks with the wood on it, we're decided to move the tubs and rack someplace else and skip the barn doors. So now I have another area I can decorate. 🙂 It's pretty wide, it had that 90x90" steel storage rack in it. 

Here's what the back wall looks like so far. The entire wall will be covered in this wood. We have a door ordered to cover the refrigerator. 



I really like this area now and it would be a shame to cover it up with a rack and storage tubs. The still have to do the side walls in the area as well as the rest of the wall.



This is looking back toward the other end. Those walls are done except for paint (trim color). The doors will be painted the trim color as well. The ceiling will be a midnight blue called "In the Navy" (SW 9178 from Sherwin-Williams) and the trim is called "Cyberspace" (SW 7076 Sherwin-Williams). The walls above the wainscoting will be "Real Red" SW 6868.



I mounted the neon to get the placement correct, and of course it will come back down in order to paint. 



I had a picture framed (24x32) of one of the cars I use to compete in (still do every now and then) and I have another one picture the same size (of a different car) at the framers right now. It will go to the left of the door you see in the picture (far left). 



The opposing wall will have 6 pictures that are created using 3D acrylic, and those pictures have shipped and I should have them on Monday.

6554b6be8c0d829a8bf63ae0c82cf121_link.pn Acrylic Prints | Highest Quality Photo Acrylic Prints - Artbeat Studios


Face Mounted Acrylic Prints from Artbeat Studios for artists and photographers that want to offer high end museum-quality prints to their customers. Upload your photos and we'll print and ship to your door.




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The door for the refrigerator has arrived and they should be bringing that out to install on Monday. I have 5 more boxes of reclaimed wood (~66 sq ft) coming and that should arrive on Wednesday and hopefully the cedar trim should be here this week as well. I didn't need the extra wood until we started filling in the storage area, but based on the way it's looking, it was worth it. 

Other than framing in the new door, we're at a standstill until the all of the wood arrives. I'll pick up the paint early this week and we could actually go ahead and fix and paint the side walls and ceiling if the painters can work it in. I'd really love to get that done. 

The inset area is really looking good, now I have to figure out what to do with it. 🙂 It's certainly too nice to put the storage tubs back in there. 🙂 I have some ideas but I need to think on it for a while. 

The black on the walls is roofing felt that goes down behind the wood. The wood is thin and has some holes in it, so you either need to paint the wall behind it or use the felt to get a dark background. The closet doors will be painted the trim color as well as the louvered door that will cover the the refrigerator/freezer. 


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