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About this blog

In May 2020 I purchased a 2017 Cadillac ATS-V as my new toy! 🙂 I absolutely love this car! The car only had 11,700 miles on it so it really looked brand new. It appears to have every option that was available in 2017, so lots of bells and whistles that I'm just beginning to explore. Then in October, we purchased a 2016 Cadillac ATS-V sedan for my wife. 🙂 Can you tell I like these cars? 

Most of the fun cars I've previously owned were before the "internet" so documentation and even pictures are pretty sparse. That inspired me to do a better job with this one and the reason why I'm creating this blog. I will have all the details about the car including build options, as well as information on the upcoming modifications, performance data, and lots of pictures and videos. 





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Making Living Room for the Cars

Originally start the post on September 21 Yea, this isn't inside the house, but it is part of the house. 🙂 I am in the process of doing a garage makeover at our house. First, you have to understand that I'm a car guy and have been all my life, so I baby our cars, so it's only fitting that I have a nice "bedroom" for the "babies". 🙂 I'm working with Amanda Dame (she's right here in Big Canoe, click to email her) to coordinate all of the work and design.  I don't have any real good


NorthGeorgiaWX in Car

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