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Garage Update - 12/04/21



They are still working on the garage but things are moving along nicely. They finished up the woodwork today. The trim for the wainscoting is up and the shoe moulding is down on the floor. Other than paint and getting the vanity for the sink, it's just about done. I have pictures and neon and things to go on the walls, so I just need to get some paint in there! In that box on the floor is a new air hose reel that will go inside of the little closet on the right hand wall. I'm going to make a hole on the wall for the air hose to stick through, so the reel and compressor will all be hidden.



The painters will have to go over some of the trim again since I changed the color after they got started. You can see the lighter color trim on the closet doors versus the newer darker color on the refrigerator door trim as well as the trim around the opening. All of the doors and the rest of the trim (including windows and the garage doors on the inside) still need to be painted. 



You can see the red color that the walls will be painted (Sherwin-Williams "Real Red"). They had to paint a strip of red before they put the wainscoting trim on, so that's why there is only a little bit at the moment.



The ceiling will be the blue color on the far left in this image. It's almost black. (Sherwin-Williams "In the Navy")



We're still waiting to get the vanity and sink, it's been ordered for a couple of months now. 






The trim around the garage doors still has to be painted as well as this side of the actual doors. 



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