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Garage Update - 12/20/21



 More progress made today and they may be finished painting tomorrow 🤞

The ceiling is done. They need to go back and recut the red in a few places, and there are a few spots of ceiling paint on the wall that they will touch up. The louvered door that covers the refrigerator went back on this morning. 

The garage door side is the focus now and they made good progress on that today. The paint wasn't dry when I snapped this picture, but you can see some drier areas on the left door. All of the trim around the doors will be painted that same color. You can click to enlarge any image.



Here's the opposite wall. The trim and ceiling are darker than they look in the picture. 



This wall is pretty much done except for a few minor touch ups.



This picture is not in focus. The camera was having a hard time focusing on the red wall and I should have fixed that, but hey... it is what it is. They still have some trim paint to do on this wall, the door needs to be painted, and some cut in work on the red, but almost done. You can also see where the vanity and sink will go back in. I need to call them to see when it might ship. I ordered that in October and I think it was a 12-14 week lead time... it should be about done. 



You can see the blue in the ceiling color even though the camera doesn't show it exactly like your eyes see it. 



The garage door wall should look great once the doors and trim are finished.





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