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Garage Update - 03/25/22



It's done! The final finishing touches were completed yesterday and other than adding/moving things on the walls, there is nothing left to do.

The vanity and sink installation was basically the last item to complete. Glenn came over yesterday and got everything hooked up and working.  You can see the spigot on the left side of the vanity and that's my hot water connection for washing the cars. 



The other item that he did, we install the hose reel for the air compressor. This went in the small closet that is behind the vanity and was mounted to the floor. 



You can see the hose sticking out of the wall. It's self retracting and can lock into place, so I can drag it all over the garage to air up tires and then give it a tug and it retracts back into the wall.




I'll make one final post where I can thank all of the people that helped to make it all possible. In the meantime, here's a link to all of the pictures from start to finish.


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