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Garage Update - 03/24/22



The Eagle has landed!

I placed the order in October for the vanity and it finally arrived yesterday, Glenn has already started the work to install it. I will be installing a spigot for a hose on the left side of the vanity so I can have hot water for washing the cars. On the right side, I will have a hole in the wall for the air hose. I had Bruce Jankowski install an electrical outlet in the closet (that door to the left) and I now have my air compressor in the closet. Not only is it much quieter, but it is also hidden from view. Now the only thing you'll see is the hose sticking out out of the wall.




The sink. 



This new air hose reel will be mounted to the floor in the closet just like you see it here. Once it's installed, I'll adjust the black hose stop so that only a little bit of the hose sticks out.



20220516_123305 (1).jpg



Almost done. This was the last major piece to install. I did talk to Bruce about possibly installing some lights in the recessed area that use to be storage, so we may do that at some point, but otherwise this will complete it. 

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