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Update - 04/08/21



We got the wife's car back two days ago with the new wheels/tires/springs on it. I drove the car today for the first time and it rode great. The alignment is not what I would have specified, so I'll get it back to the alignment shop in a few weeks. We drop off the car again on Friday to Russ Cowart at 


to have the front painted and to installed the front grills. They will buff out the rest of the car, and at some point will probably get a ceramic treatment on it. Before we do that we'll have the roof wrapped in gloss black as well as the mirrors. At that point everything is done except to install the XDI translator and wideband sensor and then I'll have Justin start working his tuning magic. 








I took some pictures comparing he Swift springs (left) to my Eibach springs. You can see that the Eibach's are a little lower. The rear wheels stick out a little further on the sedan, so it's a good thing that those springs aren't as low.



When they were trying to adjust the rear suspension, they discovered that one of the camber bolt washers were just spinning on the bolt. These were on the car when we bought it and these were not OEM parts, so not sure why they were changed out with incorrect parts. 


My car is on it's 6th E85 tune file and the car is currently running on E68, and it appears to be running like gangbusters. The gas pumps only have E71 right now, but I'm hoping that as the warm weather takes hold they'll start bumping that up closer to E85. I took the last log file (for Tune #5 - E85) and looked at the 55-95 mph time from a pull I made two days ago. Since I don't have Dragy yet, I used the times and speeds from the log to see how quick it's running now, so none of this is scientific, I'm just getting a ballpark. These times are on PS4S 305's (brand new ones at that), so no really sticky tires to help out.

For the 55-95 mph pull, and the best I can figure, this is what it did:
55-75 mph - 2.223 seconds
75-95 mph - 1.992 seconds
It looks like the tires are spinning in the 55-75 mph range, but once they hook up it pulls strong. 

This is Dragy.


Monitor your 0-60mph, 60-130mph, 100-200kmh, 1/4 mile, 1/2 mile performance, and more! Dragy uses high speed GPS satellites to accurately measure your vehicles performance within 1/100th of a second.


Here's a link to more pictures:


35 new photos added to shared album


Pic taken today




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