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Video of the Red Car



The wife was taking the car out yesterday and I wanted to get the exhaust sound. But it's still a phone so it is what it is. It actually sounds pretty good through the music system that's attached to my TV. You may hear a little "clink" sound as she starts up the hill. We think there is something in between the wheel and tire that is moving around. The guy that is doing the paint work is going to look at it.  As she backs out, you can see that the hood is a little scared up and the front end pitted. He's also going to try to sand the splitter and try to make it look close to new. 

The exhaust uses the stock rear muffler system, but in front of that it has New Era Performance downpipes with a Vibrant 4” resonator and custom 4” single mid pipe. This is the car with Turbobay turbo's. Wish I had a couple of those snails on my car. 🙂 Maybe she'll let me drive. 😉 



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