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Update - 07/16/21



Got my car back from Balanced Performance Motors today after having a few changes made to it this week. 

I had to replace the low pressure fuel pump (LPFP) that I had purchased from Tapout Tuning since it couldn't hold enough pressure on E85. It was supposed to be a "Stage 2" pump, meaning it wouldn't have any issues running straight E85, but testing during the tuning process showed that the pressure was dropping to 45 lbs or so which is not anywhere close to what it needs to be. It will be sent back for a refund. This is a picture of the pump/housing that came out. It is a DW400 pump but apparently the venturi in the housing is the restriction to the flow and the reason for the low pressure. 



I installed an XDI Stage 1 LPFP and it is supposed to be sufficient to run E85 up to the limit of the stock turbos.

377 LPH without back pressure.
215 LPH at 70 PSI

XDI Stage 1 Spec's
435 LPH at no back pressure
265 LPH at 70 PSI
23% Increase overall

Maximum Pressure
>80 psi at full flow (PLV opening pressure 85-90 psi, stock is 70-75 psi)
See chart.

Fuel Compatibility: all known fuels, all Ethanol blends

Fitment:  100% OEM, no cutting, no crimping

Tuning Support:  HPT, Trifecta



While the car was there, I had them replace the plugs with NGK Ruthenium plugs since I knew it still had the stock plugs.

The plugs were gapped at 0.026" which is what is recommended for these cars running the boost levels we are seeing. 



I also installed a new Renick cold air intake (CAI), here's a picture of the installation. Click to enlarge. The new system consist of two equal length tubes each with its own filter.  "Equal length ensure that the compressor wheel on each side of the LF4 has identical RPM response as they spool up and spool down. The LF4 has matched mirror turbos for efficiency why not have a flow matched intake as well? This helps make the engine respond identical on both banks with maximum efficiency. "

The CAI kit also came with an oil catch tank to prevent any oil from reaching the turbos.



So... I need to take the car out and get a pull or two and send it off to Justin to refine the tune a little. The plan now is to get the car on the dyno the last week in July to see what it's making, but it should be somewhere between 620-640 whp. Can't wait. Assuming nothing breaks, I'm done with changes for this car for a while.  Famous last words... 🙂




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