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Update - 03/23/21



Well... another setback. I can't get the Falken RT660 tires until June since there is a nationwide backorder. So in the meantime, I've ordered another set of Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires and they will arrive Friday. Of course that means I don't get any work done to the cars this week, so we're now looking at next week before we can get all of the wheel/tire/suspension/brake work done to both cars. I did go ahead and order a 275/30-19 for the front, and that new size will be going on my car to replace the 265's that are on there now (those go on the new wheels for the wife's car). Sooo... we'll just have to wait another week. 

I have been working on the remote tune for my car with Justin Schmidt. We're on the 5th iteration of the 93 octane tune at the moment, and I hope to get that version in the car this morning so I can go out and make a few pulls to log the data. The rain returns tonight, so I'd like to get as much tuning done today as possible since the car won't be going out again until the rain is over. Power wise, the car appears to be much stronger with this new tune than with the Trifecta tune and now we're just working out some part throttle smoothness at this point, so I'm pretty excited. I can't wait to dive into the E85 tune to see what it will really do. I need to schedule some dyno time but I have to wait until all the other work is done first. The biggest pain in doing all of this is scheduling things, especially when you have delays with parts/tires/etc. But we're coming down to the wire as there isn't a whole lot left to do to either car.

For mine, it's finishing the 93 tune so we can start of the flex fuel version, getting the brake work done, installing the rear trailing arms once they become available, and finally getting some grippy tires to help harness all of this power. 

For the wife's car, I need to get the tires and wheels on the car, install the springs, install the XDI translator for the high pressure fuel pump, take the car to have the front end painted, have the new grills installed, and wrap the roof and mirrors. At that point, we need to spend some time on the dyno and let Justin tune that one and we'll be done for a while. Yea... right. 😉




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