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  1. Down to 22 in Sky Valley at 10:15pm and the wind is howling. But when it’s cold here, I always like to pull up the current conditions at Mount Mitchell and think how much colder it could be. The image is the current conditions at Mount Mitchell, not here just to clarify.
  2. Light freezing rain and drizzle most of the morning in Sky Valley. The roads are fine but vehicles and decks have a glazing of ice on them. The temp has risen to 32 now though so any freezing precip should be gone shortly.
  3. Will keep you updated from Sky Valley, the short term/high res models look moisture starved in this area though.
  4. I'm becoming less and less confident about any sort of significant winter weather in the area over the next 10-14 days. We are having a very hard time getting all of the ingredients to line up for anything significant. I do see the possibility of a brief period of freezing rain Saturday morning in Rabun County but it won't be anything significant (not that we would want a lot of that ptype anyway). Next weekend is something to watch I suppose but it appears to be in between shots of cold air and I'm skeptical of the wedge setup the GFS is trying to throw out on this latest operational run. Also, losing ensamble support doesn't make one that hopeful either.
  5. If we can just get more seasonable weather with your routine winter cold snaps, at some point some moisture is going to line up in the mountains. Everybody was jumping on board a couple days ago with the 10-15 day range being a good shot but I’m not buying in just yet. The GFS has a massive cold bias in the long range! I do think it cools down to at least average to slightly below but this is far from a certainty that this is going to be a favorable pattern just yet. Not to be a negative Nancy just calling it how I see it and I think you are more so of the same mindset too.
  6. Hope nobody had any damage in the severe storms today. The line that came through Rabun County this evening seemed to underperform at my house in Sky Valley. We are on a NW facing slope though and were likely shielded from some of the wind though. We did however pick up just shy of 4” of rainfall from last night to the present. Now let’s get through this warm stretch this week and get some colder more seasonable air back in place. We have some catching up to do or are in need of a big storm to meet our average of 13” of snowfall.
  7. North central Georgia, just a little rain and nothing to lose sleep over.
  8. I would say your assessment is spot on. In Sky Valley we started seeing very light flurries about 3pm in the afternoon and the temperature just started tanking from there. As heavier precip moved in, we went from 36 to 30 in a matter of about two hours. I would be interested in what helped moisture break containment and how the Northwest Flow bands setup where they did. The area that surprised me the most were the mountains around Sylva, I saw several reports of 3-4" there and they usually don't do considerably better in these setups than we do in Sky Valley. There was a good satellite imagery showing where the heaviest bands setup on AshevilleWx's facebook page.
  9. Steve you should have saved yourself a few miles and came to Sky Valley, GA or Highlands, NC. We picked up about half an inch last night in Sky Valley. Pictures of my deck from last night and the ground this morning.
  10. Getting a dusting in Sky Valley at about 3,400’
  11. Depends on where you are located from what i have seen. If you are in the higher elevations of the North Georgia Mountains, there is a chance of seeing at most a dusting the way it looks right now. However, outside of the mountains it looks too warm for anything, maybe a few flurries if things timed out just right for the MAYBE the north Metro and valley locations in the mountains. Just my thoughts from what I have seen so far and how these type of scenarios usually work out.
  12. Miller A’s are a gulf low pressure system, those combined with adequate cold air in place usually do provide us with our best snows.
  13. Clippers just don’t turn out well for us in Rabun County. I’m hoping one of these juiced up low pressure systems can meet some cold air for us but I’m with you, I have seen nothing to make me optimistic just yet.
  14. We have 1.9" of rain in Sky Valley at 8:35am with the last bit of rain still coming through. We may have a shot of getting to 2" before it's over with.
  15. Just happen to wake up a few minutes ago. It has transitioned to snow in Sky Valley with a temperature of 33 degrees. No accumulation yet. This was at 12:50am and at 3,400’ of elevation.
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