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  1. Teachers in Rabun County go back Thursday August 1st and get students Wednesday August 7th.
  2. Winter is not quite over in Sky Valley. We are starting to see some sleet accumulation on elevated surfaces (deck, vehicles, etc). The temperature is down to 33 which is a little concerning because it’s about 4-5 degrees colder than the NWS forecast grids and with the forecast for overnight already calling for a glazing of freezing rain, I hope that temperature trend doesn’t continue. My wife took the picture below, it must be nice to have back to back days off from school, we have a teacher workday in Rabun today and are back at it with kids tomorrow.
  3. I could see this shaping up to be a nowcasting sort of event in Rabun. If we can get a more SW to NE orientation the upslope flow becomes more in our favor and the boundary setting up more to our east from say eastern Habersham County to Oconee County, SC it could over perform but the models just don't seem conducive to that idea. I'm willing to give it a few more model runs. You have lived up this way longer than I have, but I just haven't completely bought in to the idea of it being as moisture starved as models want to paint it. The models really struggle with this type of scenario in my limited time of being here and the NWS doesn't seem to want to totally give up on the idea of 2-3+ inches just yet either. I'll be sure to keep us updated on Tuesday as to what it does in the high country (assuming I get the day off work from educating our youth, but I'm with you in thinking they will probably go on the safe side and taking the day off).
  4. Most likely for the higher ridges in the county (Germany Valley and Sky Valley). They are still forecasting 2" in Sky Valley but after looking at the models, I am very skeptical. It seems to be very moisture starved when it gets to our area. As it stands right now, 2" would be a big time over performance. I just see very little gulf moisture being tapped into which isn't a surprise for a clipper type system in our area. If we don't see big flips in the models by tomorrow morning, it will be about time to throw in the towel. It does create a tough scenario for the school system up here though, if we send kids to school and it starts snowing heavily, it's not an easy task getting them all home with the geography of our county. They do a great job with these type of scenarios, so we will just have to wait and see.
  5. The National Weather Service out of Greenville seems pretty confident for us in Sky Valley. I’m not sure we will get 4” from looking at the models but I would take it.
  6. It's amazing even within our county how much difference a little elevation plays, Germany Valley and Sky Valley definitely have their own microclimates. Good to see other folks from Rabun on here! I'm glad the freezing rain threat is diminishing a little, it seems temps overnight will rise enough to prevent any widespread travel difficulties for the Wednesday morning commute.
  7. Definitely a lot of uncertainty. The NAM is not the only higher res model showing this though. Very much dependent on uplift and for the valleys and foothills evaporative cooling. The dry airmass will be hard to overcome though.
  8. Interesting CAD scenario forming Tuesday night/Wednesday morning, I haven’t seen much about it other than a post or two from KingOfTheMountains. Confidence is never extraordinarly high for these sort of events but with the cold temperatures we have had in Rabun County the past couple of days (haven’t been above freezing since about 2am yesterday and got down in the teens for over 14 hours in Sky Valley), freezing drizzle/rain could present some travel issues. I’m posting a couple of images, one from the NWS and one from the WPC. (No those colors close to Atlanta are not saying there will be freezing rain, the second image is a probability map of receiving >0.01” of freezing rain) Sorry I had to throw in that disclaimer. I wouldn’t be surprised to see that forecast map expand some from the NWS with the guidance from the WPC and they mentioned in the afternoon forecast discussion of a potential winter weather advisory going up for areas along 85 up to the Blue Ridge Escarpment.
  9. Currently 28 in Sky Valley with snow flurries coming down. We have definitely had a flash freeze, from walking outside a few minutes ago there are some icy spots and snow is starting to stick on top of it. Big league temperature drop since midnight!
  10. Social Studies (A.P World and U.S.), they are always looking for good folks but I don't know of anything specific right now. It's a great system and place to live though!
  11. Steve, Another educator here, I'm a high school teacher in Rabun County. Thanks for all you do for us weather wise!
  12. We actually warmed up to 36 briefly in Sky Valley and have since dropped back down to 34. It’s been a weird evening temperature wise, definitely a lot of factors involved with the shallow layer of cold air.
  13. 34 degrees in Sky Valley with a steady rain now at 5:45pm. The temp has risen 3 degrees in the past half hour so our freezing rain threat is over. Even with temps below freezing earlier the rain/drizzle was not really freezing to any surfaces/objects. I definitely won’t complain about that!
  14. Temp is down to 31.5 in Sky Valley with a dewpoint of 18. There will definitely be some room for evaporative cooling. It should be interesting when precip arrives, we have not warmed up at all today.
  15. We are having a graupel shower in Sky Valley at 9:05am. The current temp is 31 degrees. 0A8D093C-D9EA-449D-AB1C-D01BD4D3E8C0.MOV
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