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  1. It would appear as well that it will slide to the west of us more than likely
  2. Kind of surprised our NWS office isn’t really mentioning the threat for a round or two of MCS’s
  3. Lost power around 2am in Buford... came back on around 7. It got steamy in the house to say the least!
  4. Looks like flooding will become an issue throughout the morning. The line isn’t moving all that much.
  5. Severe Thunderstorm Watch for western half of the state until 3
  6. It could be. This isn’t easy to forecast. The NWS just said it is ahead of schedule and could be in the western metro by 11 and noted 60+ MPH wind is possible.
  7. Based off my eye and the models it seems to be a little ahead of schedule.
  8. It should. Depending where you are at least. For Atlanta Metro proper and north we are lucky with it coming in around day break or just prior to that.
  9. Steve, have you seen the MCV moving into Alabama. Looks awesome on radar! (I tried to get it in motion for all to see but it was to large)
  10. Steve, something I noticed on the 12z 3-KM NAM is that the low will be swinging through in the afternoon and it looks to be creating some instability showers and storms. I would assume... if it was correct... that could potentially produce some hail or grapuel?
  11. Looks like showers around beginning to initiate in west Georgia
  12. My parents off tanner had a little hail
  13. Agree they look like discrete cells. Concerning for sure.
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