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  1. It’s like we have seen this before 🤨
  2. Basically the same exact numbers here in Buford.
  3. And the 18z NAM is still borderline. A balmy 33 degree rain haha
  4. Noticed this as well this morning. I was gonna wait until the 18z came out to mention but the 12z EURO also had some pretty low dew points as well.
  5. I love the 12z EURO’s 35 degree rain Friday!!
  6. Yep. The EURO has trended warmer ever since that one 12z run earlier in the week when it showed the ice storm.
  7. The High Pressure that is supplying the cold air is still modeled to move out to quick.
  8. 12z EURO is interesting. That’s a pretty strong low coming out of the gulf
  9. It seems that cold air has been disappearing each run of the models. Or at least the depth of the cold air.
  10. 12z EURO has a couple nice tracks for Low Pressures down South but the cold has backed off some.
  11. Exactly what I noticed. The initial threat that has been showing, then the new one you mentioned and another just sliding right under.
  12. Yeah, I think we are in for a lot interesting future runs and probably some close calls in the near future.
  13. 12z GFS says nada this run. High pulling away to quick up North and the low placement is a smudge North as well. Ultimately less cold air to start with as well.
  14. I see nothing but power outages
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