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  1. What’s your take on the complex in Tennessee? None of the short range models have handled it correctly with intensity nor timing.
  2. Looks like the NAM is slowing the progression of the line coming through tomorrow. Looks potent as well.
  3. Guess we can't complain to much! It has been rather nice the last few weeks and actually Spring like.
  4. Wind is howling in Buford. Gust of 28 just now.
  5. Yeah after the back edge of the rain shield moved through I had a wind gust of 31 on my weather station in Buford
  6. Looking at the 18z HRRR I get the concern. You can see the discrete cells develop after the MCS later in the day.
  7. Well I guess there is still enough uncertainty in the models to warrant this risk.
  8. Looking at the 12z models as they role in and they do not look impressive at all for tomorrow.
  9. This is what I was talking about. Strong wording.
  10. The NWS out of Peachtree City is typically fairly "tame" in regards to the language they use with events two to three days away. However, their afternoon discussion was quite lengthy and eye opening in my opinion.
  11. If the low stops trending NW we should be better off this go around in northern Georgia. Wait and see though!
  12. I believe the El Reno tornado several years ago was 2.6 miles wide but not sure about distance.
  13. What also gets me is that the storms are no where near really and there is a decent amount of lightning and thunder
  14. Yeah for good reason. They have “that look”
  15. Not a fan of those cells developing ahead of the line in south central Alabama.
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