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  1. Fox 5 mentioned the lake effect potential. Pretty cool if it verifies. Also, can I get a 2 hour delay tomorrow?!
  2. Saw a video on Twitter from WSBTV meteorologist that showed snow mixing in DT Atlanta. Kinda cool
  3. I see what you are trying to do... trying to find a 2 hour delay for us to school!
  4. Haha you are right. I am talking about the surface maps with temps and dew points. I like the layout of them.
  5. Steve, where can I find the maps you have been posting. I have been searching on your site but haven't stumbled across them!
  6. If the dew points keep lowering and filtering in drier air it is going to be a nice 34-35 degree rain today
  7. I know this storm isn't going to turn out the way we want it to but it has been fun and now fascinating to watch this unfold. I guess just for the fun of it.. my weather station in Buford 3 miles NE of the Mall of GA is sitting at 38.4 with a dew point of 38.
  8. Yep! it has been fun for the last few days. On to the next... maybe!
  9. I know what you are talking about I believe. On TropicalTidBits it seems the output on the NAM is a little off. It seems to count anything falling from the sky as snow if its around 35 degrees or cooler and therefore you have the skewed snowfall maps.
  10. Robert at WXSOUTH just sent out an update via Facebook and seems even the 85 corridor could flash over to heavy sleet or wet snow tomorrow due to the cold and dryer air aloft working down the Appalachians (think a wedge situation). Interesting at the least.
  11. I know all the talk is about Thursday but how about all the training of these storms incoming
  12. If you are driving around Gwinnett be careful extreme ponding on all roads.
  13. Gonna dress real warm and cozy Thursday for this cold rain 🥶
  14. Geez I was joking about the 35 degree rain but I was right. Outside of the mountains where it depicts snow, its a cold 33-35 degree from I-20 north on the 18z NAM
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