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  1. Definitely some power outages somewhere around Buford. The sky has been lighting up green and blue every couple minutes.
  2. It’s roaring here in Buford. As someone mentioned you can really here it ripping at the top of the trees.
  3. I mean I suspect it will ultimately come down to that for many areas even here in Gwinnett. I assume we will have spotty outages.
  4. All kids are staying home for Gwinnett tomorrow and doing digital learning
  5. I don’t know but the 18z HWRF takes the pressure down to 935mb at landfall bear Cancun. That would be insane intensification.
  6. The 12z trend is really pushing the heaviest rains south of I-20 now. More like the Macon area instead of metro Atlanta.
  7. Also heard word of a sting jet that would bring breezy conditions to Tennessee North Carolina and Virginia.
  8. Strong storm here in Buford. Strongest winds were in the heart of the storm. Marble size hail. Temp went from 83 to 59
  9. Yesterday’s storms were fun to watch. Here in Buford I only got .05 hundredths of rain but had over 330 lightning strikes detected in an hour. Fun storms!
  10. What’s your take on the complex in Tennessee? None of the short range models have handled it correctly with intensity nor timing.
  11. Looks like the NAM is slowing the progression of the line coming through tomorrow. Looks potent as well.
  12. Guess we can't complain to much! It has been rather nice the last few weeks and actually Spring like.
  13. Wind is howling in Buford. Gust of 28 just now.
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