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Weather on This Date - January 25




January 25, 1821 
The Hudson River was frozen solid during the midst of the coldest winter in forty-one years. Thousands of persons crossed the ice from New York City to New Jersey, and refreshment taverns were set up in the middle of the river to warm pedestrians. (David Ludlum) 

January 25, 1837 
At 7 PM a display of the Northern Lights danced above Burlington, VT. Its light was equal to the full moon. Snow and other objects reflecting the light were deeply tinged with a blood red hue. Blue, yellow and white streamers were also noted. (The Weather Channel) 

January 25, 1965 
Alta, UT, was in the midst of a storm that left the town buried under 105 inches of snow establishing a record for the state. (David Ludlum) 

January 25, 1987 
The second major storm in three days hit the Eastern Seaboard producing up to 15 inches of snow in Virginia, Maryland and Delaware. Up to 30 inches of snow covered the ground in Virginia following the two storms. (National Weather Summary) (Storm Data) 

January 25, 1988 
High winds created blizzard conditions in the mountains of Colorado. Winds gusted to 109 mph at Echo Lake, and a wind gust to 193 mph was reported atop Mount Evans. A "nor'easter" moving up the Atlantic Coast spread heavy snow from the Carolina's to New England, with as much as 16 inches reported in the Poconos of eastern Pennsylvania. (National Weather Summary) (Storm Data) 

January 25, 1989 
Bitter cold air, coming down from Alaska, settled over the Northern Rockies. Wilson WY reported a morning low of 48 degrees below zero. Thunderstorms produced severe weather in the south central U.S. One thunderstorm in north central Texas spawned a tornado which injured three persons at Troy. (National Weather Summary) (Storm Data) 

January 25, 1990 
Low pressure developed explosively over east central Missouri and moved into Lower Michigan producing high winds and heavy snow across parts of Iowa, Illinois and Wisconsin. Wind gusts to 60 mph and up to a foot of snow created near blizzard conditions in southeastern Wisconsin and northern Illinois. Wind gusts in Indiana reached 76 mph at Wabash. Thunderstorms associated with the storm produced wind gusts to 54 mph at Fort Madison IA. (National Weather Summary) (Storm Data) 

January 25, 2000 
Heavy snow fell from the Carolinas to New England, with up to 20 inches of snow and five deaths reported. (NCDC) 

January 25, 2004
In east central Georgia a significant icing event began late in the day and continued overnight and during the morning hours of the 26
th. Hundreds of trees and power lines fell from the weight of the ice. The worst icing occurred around the Athens area where approximately 23,000 electric customers were left without power for up to two days. A fireman was injured when a large ice laden oak tree limb fell from 60 feet above as he responded to a potential house fire. (NWS Atlanta)

January 25, 2013
Freezing rain fell across northeast and parts of northwest Georgia. Up to a third of an inch of ice accumulated across much of northeast Georgia. Dozens of school districts north of I-20 were either cancelled or on a delay, particularly in northeast Georgia. Also, Georgia State Patrol and Georgia Department of Transportation reported several dozen auto accidents in north Georgia, including portions of I-85 in Jackson and Banks Counties. For more information, visit the 
event summary. (NWS Atlanta)

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