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Weather on This Date - March 2




March 2, 1846 
A great storm hit Virginia and the Carolinas. The storm caused half a million dollars damage, and in North Carolina drowned fifty families and a thousand cattle on Notts Island. (David Ludlum) 

March 2, 1927 
Raleigh, NC, was buried under 17.8 inches of snow in 24 hours, a record for that location. Nashville NC received 31 inches of snow. The average snow depth in the state of Carolina was fourteen inches. (The Weather Channel) 

March 2, 1975 
The governor's Tornado in Atlanta did considerable damage to the governor's mansion and surrounding areas resulting in three deaths and 56.5 million dollars damage. (The Weather Channel) 

March 2, 1985 
A massive winter storm struck the Northern Plains Region. The storm produced up to 33 inches of snow in northeastern South Dakota, at Summit and at Milbank, and also produced high winds which whipped the heavy snow into drifts twenty feet high. (Storm Data) 

March 2, 1987 
A storm in the northeastern U.S. produced heavy snow in Maine, with 16 inches reported at West Grand Lake and Guilford. (The National Weather Summary) (Storm Data) 

March 2, 1988 
Thunderstorms produced severe weather in the south central U.S. A tornado at Baton Rouge LA injured two persons, and another tornado caused five million dollars damage at the airport in Lafayette LA. (The National Weather Summary) (Storm Data) 

March 2, 1989 
Snow and high winds plagued the western U.S. Up to 16 inches of snow was reported south of Seattle WA, and more than two feet of snow blanketed the Sierra Nevada Range of California. Winds gusted to 89 mph at Hidden Peak UT, and reached 92 mph at Peavine CA. (The National Weather Summary) (Storm Data) 

March 2, 1990 
Mild weather continued across the northern tier of states. Highs of 52 degrees at Saint Johnsbury VT, 63 degrees at Olympia WA, and 64 degrees at Seattle WA were records for the date. (The National Weather Summary) 

March 2, 2012
A strong 'April-like' storm system moved across the southeast United States. A strong cold front moved into north Georgia Friday evening, March 2, and continued into central Georgia early Saturday morning, March 3. The strongest tornado in the event was an EF-3 tornado which touched down in Haralson County and moved into Paulding County. Some of the worst damage was along Bethlehem Church Road in Haralson County where a repair shop was destroyed and a house collapsed, injuring a person inside. In Paulding County the hardest hit area was near the Paulding County Airport. Three to four planes were flipped and a jet and hanger were destroyed. (NWS Atlanta)

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