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Weather on This Date - March 22




Today in Weather History
for March 22 

March 22, 1920 
A spectacular display of the Northern Lights was visible as far south as Bradenton FL, El Paso TX, and Fresno CA. At Detroit MI, the display was described so brilliant as to blot out all stars below first magnitude. (22nd-23rd) (The Weather Channel) 

March 22, 1936 
A great flood crested on rivers from Ohio to Maine. The flood claimed 107 lives and caused 270 million dollars property damage. (David Ludlum) 

March 22, 1954 
Six to ten inch rains caused the Chicago River to overflow its banks. (The Weather Channel) 

March 22, 1987 
An intense storm produced heavy snow in the southern and central Rockies, and high winds from southern California to West Texas. Wolf Creek Pass CO received 24 inches of snow, and winds gusted to 69 mph at Ruidoso NM. Blizzard conditions were reported in eastern Colorado. (The National Weather Summary) (Storm Data) 

March 22, 1988 
Rain and high winds battered the Northern Pacific Coast Region, with wind gusts to 78 mph at Ocean Shores WA. The high winds uprooted trees and down power lines. Ten cities in the northeastern U.S. reported new record low temperatures for the date. Eight cities in the central U.S. reported record highs. Southerly winds gusting to 60 mph helped push the mercury at Ottumwa IA to a record warm reading of 83 degrees. (Storm Data) (The National Weather Summary) 

March 22, 1989 
Six cities in the Great Lakes Region, and three in southern Texas, reported new record low temperatures for the date, including Alpena MI with a reading of 9 above zero, and Brownsville TX with a reading of 38 degrees. (The National Weather Summary) 

March 22, 1990 
A surge of arctic air kept temperatures in the teens and 20's during the day in the north central U.S., and heavy snow fell over parts of Montana. Record warmth was reported in the western U.S.,and in Alaska. Phoenix AZ reported a record high of 94 degrees, and the town of Barrow, located along the arctic coast of Alaska, reported a record high of 20 degrees. (The National Weather Summary) 

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