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Weather on This Date - March 28




Today in Weather History
for March 28

March 28, 1917 
Thane Creek, AK, reported a snow cover of 190 inches. (The Weather Channel) 

March 28, 1920 
The worst tornado disaster of record occurred in Chicago IL as a tornado killed 28 persons and caused three million dollars damage. (David Ludlum) 

March 28, 1920
An outbreak of tornadoes occurred on this date. The worst tornadoes occurred in Troup County where one tornado, possibly an F-4, moved through the town of West Point flattening a four block area and killing 9 people. Another tornado, possibly an F-4 also, hit the southeast side of LaGrange destroying the industrial area of the city. Several factories and a cotton mill were destroyed along with 40 homes and over 100 people were killed. As the tornado moved through rural Troup County, it is estimated that an additional 100 people were killed bringing the death toll to well over 200. The number of those injured completely overwhelmed local medical facilities and assistance had to be summoned from other areas of the state, including Atlanta. (NWS Atlanta)

March 28, 1984 
A violent outbreak of tornadoes hit the Carolinas. Thunderstorms spawned 22 tornadoes during the late afternoon and evening hours which killed 57 persons and injured 1248 others. Nearly half the deaths occurred in mobile homes. A tornado from near Tatum SC to southern Cumberland County NC was 2.5 miles in width at times. (The Weather Channel) 

March 28, 1987 
A blizzard raged from southern Nebraska to central Iowa. Snowfall totals ranged up to 17 inches at Blue Hill NE. Winds gusted to 68 mph at Carroll IA. High winds produced snow drifts twenty feet high in western Iowa, and produced wind chill readings as cold as 30 degrees below zero in Nebraska. The snowfall total of 9.4 inches at Omaha NE was a record for the date. (Storm Data) (The National Weather Summary) 

March 28, 1988 
Severe thunderstorms in central Oklahoma produced hail up to four inches in diameter causing 35 million dollars in southern Oklahoma County. Baseball size hail and seven inches of rain caused another eighteen million dollars damage in Stephens County. (The National Weather Summary) (Storm Data) 

March 28, 1989 
Unseasonably warm weather prevailed from the Southern and Central Plains to the Atlantic coast. Eighteen cities reported new record high temperatures for the date. The afternoon high of 81 degrees at Beckley WV was a record for March, and the high of 90 degrees in downtown Baltimore MD tied their March record. (The National Weather Summary) 

March 28, 1990 
A storm system brought heavy snow to the west central and southern mountains of Wyoming, and high winds to the Wasatch Mountains of northern Utah. Snowfall totals in Wyoming ranged up to ten inches at the Snowy Ski Range Area, and the storm pushed the snowfall total for the month at Cheyenne above 37 inches, surpassing their previous record for March of 35 inches. (The National Weather Summary) (Storm Data) 

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