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Wednesday, August 21



Hump Day! 🙂 
I guess people that are running the ProSolo will start to arrive in Lincoln around the middle of next week, so we are now within the range to start looking ahead a little bit.
Both the major models and their ensembles point to cooler than normal temps and around normal for precip for the first part of the event. The central part of the country will be sandwiched between two ridges, and for Lincoln, that would generally mean cooler temperatures and unsettled weather.  The GFS is much stronger with the trough than the Euro, so its temps are a little cooler. I can't show the Euro but I can show the GFS ensemble, and this is what the temps look like for now.
There will be some moisture around, and the ensembles are showing about 1" of precipitation over 7 days, but it generally looks like small amounts scattered among the 7 day period.
Once we get to within 3-5 days, we'll have a much better idea how things will play out, but for now, the models are pretty consistent in how they see this evolving. 
Hope everyone has a great Wednesday!


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