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Saturday, October 20 - Weather Talk



A daily summary of social media discussions about the weather.

Global ensemble packages continue their extended-range support for the idea of a cold, stormy pattern across the east around the 10/25 - 10/30 window. When guidance hones in early and often, the chances of a significant event increases. pic.twitter.com/hIccj7GAPm

— John Kassell (@JPKassell) October 20, 2018

Concerning the threat for a stormy regime across the eastern US during the last week of October, we can see the energy fueling that potential threat coming into play across the Pacific NW next weekend before being ejected into the Plains and eastern US around 10/28 - 10/30. pic.twitter.com/6AiWh3JXL7

— John Kassell (@JPKassell) October 20, 2018
Early start to winter there...

Bob Patzelt took a ride to Mt. Washington today. Solid battle of the seasons from top to bottom. @MWObs @WXKnapper pic.twitter.com/sGl9rwwgeO

— Sean Parker (@SeanMParker) October 20, 2018
Click on the link in the Tweet below. Awesome fall images.

First image looks at I-93 northbound leaving Franconia Notch State Park. Second image shows southbound, and third image is near the top of the Artist's Bluff trail. 10/12/18 #NHwx
Full gallery & Prints: https://t.co/dUgyFpdBWd pic.twitter.com/Krd2PJPD6O

— Rob Wright Images (@RobWrightImages) October 20, 2018

Still watching this threat. Possible that one of the EPAC tropical systems remnants moves NE across Mexico into Gulf and this serves as part of the complex pattern by late October/early Nov, perhaps hybrid/subtropical storm? Plenty to watch in the coming days.

— Allan Huffman (@RaleighWx) October 20, 2018

Many communities over the northern half of Alabama will drop into the 30s early tomorrow and Monday morning. Best chance of frost will come early Monday morning when the wind will be near calm. Average minimum temperature doesn’t drop below 40 in Birmingham until December. pic.twitter.com/K2vj83u0zP

— James Spann (@spann) October 20, 2018

We are off to a snowy start across northern WI. An inch or two is already on the ground! If traveling, be sure to take it SLOW in ICE and SNOW!

Here is a look at Land O' Lakes! (courtesy of the Land O' Lakes Recreation Co.) #wiwx #snow pic.twitter.com/e9SG2iMlWh

— NWS Green Bay (@NWSGreenBay) October 20, 2018
Very interesting story of an event from October 1844

It was Buffalo, NY (I was born there over 100 years after this event)... It was a CATASTROPHIC weather event... It changed the lives of many ... and it was NOT snow !!!!!! "Something Moore" https://t.co/AxB8W9ZFAZ pic.twitter.com/AmR3Ad0HvZ

— Tom Moore (@TomMoorewx) October 19, 2018

LIVE CAM - Houghton, MI
First heavy snow of the season on the Keweenaw Peninsula in the UP of Michigan. Visibility down to a 1/4 mile. On average, another 200"+ will fall this winter #miwx @NWSMarquette https://t.co/UgSwYNZIli pic.twitter.com/0C43VRuupM

— Weather Webcam (@ActiveWxCams) October 20, 2018
'tis the season! :-) Some areas are going from fall to winter already!

Moderate to heavy snow showers across northern WI this morning (1-2" for most). If traveling, be sure to take it SLOW in ICE and SNOW! #wiwx pic.twitter.com/1ltLHQ7zKv

— NWS Green Bay (@NWSGreenBay) October 20, 2018

Who shook the #CampRandallSnowGlobe? ❄️pic.twitter.com/KCLxcDxqyH

— UW-Madison (@UWMadison) October 20, 2018

I haven't seen anyone else post a radar cross section of #Michael, so here ya go. This is roughly along a radial outward from KEVX. This is 1733Z,12:33 p.m. CDT. Note the stadium effect in the eye, though it's skewed because the plot is ~40 miles wide but only ~10 miles tall. pic.twitter.com/dQOi5LqUJG

— Frank Strait (@AccuFrank) October 20, 2018

Thursday JMA run for upcoming week argued for upward motion in western hemisphere, Results showing now with EPAC TC's and threat of major late week storm near east coast, Showed the pattern for Michael 3 weeks in advance pic.twitter.com/BDZFdy7hnH

— Joe Bastardi (@BigJoeBastardi) October 20, 2018

It's about to get chilly! A cold front is pushing through Georgia today and will bring lows tonight from the lower 30s in the NE GA mountains where a Freeze Warning is in effect tonight, to the upper 40s further south. Highs tomorrow will be around 60 for the ATL metro. #gawx pic.twitter.com/YGRJTitKKQ

— NWS Atlanta (@NWSAtlanta) October 20, 2018
Garth Brooks concert at Notre Dame Stadium

First snow of the year. Just in time for #GarthAtND. pic.twitter.com/yTd92Ej5cZ

— Christian Dallavis (@dallavis) October 20, 2018

A “fallstreak hole” is a large elliptical gap that can appear in altocumulus or cirrocumulus clouds when the supercooled water droplets abruptly freeze. These ice crystals then fall and leave a hole behind. This one was captured during a spectacular sunset at Falcon Field! #gawx pic.twitter.com/dYHjbm1Vlx

— NWS Atlanta (@NWSAtlanta) October 21, 2018

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