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Weather on This Date - December 5



December 5, 1886 
A big snowstorm in the southeastern U.S. produced 11 inches at Montgomery AL, 18.5 inches at Rome GA, and 22.5 inches at Knoxville TN. (Sandra and TI Richard Sanders - 1987) 

December 5, 1941 
The temperature at Enosburg Falls soared to 72 degrees to establish a state record for Vermont for the month of December. (The Weather Channel) 

December 5, 1953 
A killer tornado hit Vicksburg, MS, killing 38 persons, injuring 270 others, and causing 25 million dollars damage, the most damage since the forty-seven days of continuous shelling the town received in the Civil War. (David Ludlum) 

December 5, 1954
A tornado outbreak across west central Georgia caused over $2 million in property damages. A total of 2 people died and nearly 90 people were injured. There were several F-1 and F-2 tornadoes, however the strongest tornado, which was an F-3, traveled about 7 miles across Harris and Meriwether Counties. (NWS Atlanta)

December 5, 1987 
Heavy snow blanketed parts of the north central U.S., and freezing drizzle produced a coat of ice up to half an inch thick in northwestern Minnesota and eastern North Dakota. Snowfall totals ranged up to seven inches at Grand Rapids MN, and 12 inches at Seney MI. High winds in the north central U.S. gusted to 63 mph at Pellston MI, and reached 70 mph at Makinaw Bridge MI. (The National Weather Summary) (Storm Data) 

December 5, 1988 
There was only a "flurry" of activity, as for much of the nation winter remained on hold. The cold and snow of winter was primarily confined to the northeastern U.S. Five cities in the north central U.S. reported record high temperatures for the date, including Norfolk NE with a reading of 65 degrees. (The National Weather Summary) 

December 5, 1989 
A warm Pacific storm system brought high winds and heavy rain to western Washington and western Oregon. Up to ten inches of rain deluged the western slopes of the Cascade Mountain Range in Washington State over a three day period, and 500 persons had to be evacuated due to flooding along the Skagit River. Up to five inches of rain drenched northwest Oregon, and winds gusted to 71 mph at Netarts. (The National Weather Summary) (Storm Data) 

December 5, 2003 
A major winter storm impacted parts of the Mid-Atlantic and northeastern United States during the 5th-7th. Snowfall accumulations of one to two feet were common across areas of Pennsylvania northward into New England. Boston, MA received 16.2 inches while Providence, RI had the greatest single snowstorm on record with 17 inches, beating the previous record of 12 inches set December 5-6, 1981. Boston's Logan International Airport was closed briefly on the 7th as heavy snowfall made regular airport operations impossible (AFP). 

December 5, 2009
A light snow event occurred during the morning hours across northwest Georgia. The maximum snowfall reported was 1.5 inches across Dade County in far northwest Georgia. Trace amounts of snow were reported as far southeast as Cherokee County, a northern suburb county of Atlanta. (NWS Atlanta)

Data courtesy of WeatherForYou


Snow Cover Comparison to Last Year


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