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There are four basic forums here:

  • Weather for North Georgia - It's just as it sounds, that is where I post general weather information on a routine basis. If we have a big system that might impact our area, I'll then make a specific post on the forum.
  • Weather Events - Tropical systems, severe weather outbreak, winter weather, it would be covered in this forum.
  • Storm Prediction Center RSS Feed - This is an automated feed directly from the storm Prediction Center
  • Weather Education - I hope to add a lot more here, but I already have a good start. Good place to learn more about weather.

I also have one more forum, and it's called "YouTube Videos" for lack of a better description at the moment. There are subforums where I've linked several of my YouTube playlist, as well as a few other videos that you might find interesting. 


This forum will be used to provide a more detailed look at the weather in and around the north Georgia area. 

This is an automated feed from the Storm Prediction Center that post the following products with images:

  • Tornado/Severe Thunderstorm Watches - Watch number and the link to the watch page and watch status page if issued.
  • Mesoscale Discussions - MD number, images, and link to page
  • Convective Outlooks - Day 1, 2, 3, and 4-8
  • Fire Weather Outlooks - 1,2, and 3-8

This is a place where we can share information that we may want to refer back to at times.

This will be used to post helpful resources for weather. I'm going to experiment with how I want to organize what we post, so give me a little while to play with that before you post anything. 

YouTube Videos

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Here is where I will share some of my latest videos, some are weather timelapse videos, and others might be trips, the cars, etc. 

  • Significant Georgia Weather Information

    (Not always current, please check the date)

    Winter Storm Watch for Tuesday

    Today's Weather from the Atlanta NWS office

    Today's Weather for GA

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