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    • I also like looking at the northern hemisphere 500 mb anomaly pattern for clues.
    • 500 mb is the best for the general pattern.  Once that's good I try to dig down a little further. I really like watching the trends in the models and Weatherbell makes it easy to go back several runs to check it out.  At this distance, the teleconnections are not necessarily that reliable, so I take those with a grain of salt. 
    • Okay, good to learn. Outside of 500 mbar I don't really know the best tools for medium range pattern recognition. I've always looked at thicknesses for ptypes when an event is on us but never really looked at them in the longer range. Always good to add more tools, to waste more time looking at models with lol
    • Current look at Georgia, the front has passed most of north Georgia, These are surface winds and dewpoints and 500 mb isobars. 
    • You are correct. I was just looking at the current situation. The rest of it actually looks good. 2 out of 3 blocks and a trough over the east in mid December... I like the general setup.   
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    • Honestly, the paint was perfect when I took it to the place to have it done. The car only had about 12,000 miles on it (only 16,700 right now) so he had to do very little correction.  I use GTechniq Quick Detailer and the citrus wash. So far I like there products and the car looks awesome. I had two people come up to me at the BMW autocross and ask me if I just washed it before I got there. 🙂 I said, no, it just stays that way. 🙂 It also stays in a garage.   
    • Which areas of the car was it the most difficult to correct the paint? I have to assume your car is free of all scratches and swirls? What products do you use to maintain the exterior?
    • And go figure. This morning I got the GoPro, pressed the power button and it turned on. 😡 I have no idea.
    • After watching the videos, the power sounds different after 4-5 runs. Either air in the intercooler, which is common and easy to fix, or there is a leak in the intercooler piping. The hoses are clamped on and can come loose, so another thing to consider. 
    • These are the new wheel/tire weights.  While the entire combination of wheel/tire increased, the increases were relatively minor. The front wheels, despite being larger, were lighter than the original OEM wheels. The new rear wheels are much wider and larger diameter, but only 0.4 lbs heavier than OEM. The greatest part of the weight increase came from the tires, but I'll take that for what I've gotten in return. 
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