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    • 02/22/21 My car has been at the dealer another 10 days. Cadillac was called on Friday. I finally got to talk to the technician and explained what was going on, so he now knows what do to. What a waste of a month. The good news is the the wheels for the wife's car have shipped! Now I need to call Gran Turismo East and get scheduled to install. The images below are the wheels on my car, and hers are EXACTLY the same in every aspect except for the rear offset which is slightly different b
    • 02/18/21 The low pressure fuel pump arrived today and James Renick said the wheels are in the box and should ship out tomorrow. I also received the AEM wideband AFR sensors and gauges that will be used in the tuning process.   
    • Part of my problem is finding any place with dyno time.
    • I'm really torn here. I've paid good money to Trifecta to get a good tune, and I think it's ok. But I see guys making big power with very little mods, and I feel like I'm missing out. Here's an example. Compare the mods... I will have downpipe, flex fuel sensor, 35% fuel pump, and E47. I should be making this much or more after Justin's tune, "if" that's who I go with. With Trifecta, just not sure I'll even have 600. 
    • Also discovered that the rear sway bar had not been tightened down at all. The nuts were not even finger tight. So as good as the car felt, there were many things not right with the car. Can't wait to try again with everything fixed. The car goes tp the dealer tomorrow (01/25/21) for the clunking in the left front of the car. Knowing what I know was wrong, I could easily see a two second improvement in the times.
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