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    • I now have the as-built drawings. Waiting on the equipment list and pricing as well as the room construction cost, and should have those this week.
    • Looks awesome! Congrats!
    • Wow, what a great space!! It looks amazing, Steve.🚘
    • I am a local resident and wholesale supplier of some of the electronics you are looking to put into your media room. I can advise on lead times you may run into and save you a lot of money, email me if interested. Thank you and good luck, a great media room often turns into a journey rather than a destination!!                                                     
    • The door for the refrigerator has arrived and they should be bringing that out to install on Monday. I have 5 more boxes of reclaimed wood (~66 sq ft) coming and that should arrive on Wednesday and hopefully the cedar trim should be here this week as well. I didn't need the extra wood until we started filling in the storage area, but based on the way it's looking, it was worth it.  Other than framing in the new door, we're at a standstill until the all of the wood arrives. I'll pick up the
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