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2014 November 1st Georgia Snow



Data from the Atlanta NWS office

First Snow of the Season in Georgia!

Early on November 1, 2014, northeast Georgia received their first snow of the season! A strong upper level low dove into eastern Georgia and the Carolinas, bringing wrap-around moisture from the low pressure system to parts of Georgia. In addition, the area was in northwest flow with cold air being ushered into the state. This combination of precipitation and freezing temperatures brought the first snow of the season to Georgia. Even though the accumulation was limited to the northeastern part of the state, snow flurries were observed as far south as the northern portion of the Atlanta metro area! Overall snowfall accumulations ranged from 0.5-2 inches.

This snow event was unusually early for the season. Although snowfall records across northeast Georgia are somewhat limited, based on records that are available, the previous earliest snowfall at Blairsville was November 10 (1968), at Helen it was November 12 (1968) and at Cleveland it was also November 12 (1968). Please note there is the potential for missing data at these sites.

500mb Pattern storm damage
500mb Pattern on November 1, 2014 5am Temperatures on November 1, 2014


500mb Pattern
Snowfall Map from November 1, 2014


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    • Good morning! More summer like weather today and tomorrow as we sit in an area of relatively tranquil weather. The upper low sitting off the east coast, will slowly retrograde and start to build back to the southeast while high pressure builds to our north, and that will bring back higher rain chances starting Monday. Between now and then, we'll have a pretty decent 4th of July weekend in store.   As we head into the start of the work week, things begin to get a little wetter for the area.  The Weather Prediction Center believes that we'll have this much rainfall between now and next Friday morning.    Here's a look at the Euro 500 mb anomalies and you can see that the southeast avoids all of those nasty high pressure areas. In the summer, you don't want one of those parked on top of you if you don't like excessive heat.    So here is the official forecast for today and tomorrow.   And that's it, short and sweet! No sense in rambling on about nothing! 🙂 I hope you have a great start to the 4th of July weekend!    
    • The clouds and fog are great over the mountains today. Strong NW winds are pushing the clouds down the south facing slopes and drying them out. The winds are smoothing the clouds and fog out. It is certainly better in person. 🙂 BTW, my camera (S7 Samsung) makes things appear much further away than they are. I did a little experiment the other day and found that I had to zoom to 6.3x to make things look the same size on the phone as what I see. This picture is 1.2x. So those mountains out there are closer than they appear even though this is zoomed some. A Sony A6400 with a good telephoto lens is next. 🙂  
    • Good morning to everyone! Man... who turned on the wind? It is really breezy here this morning. In the morning view (300 mb water vapor) you can see a large upper level low (or actually a pair of them) over the NW US and one exiting the east coast.    I'll let the NWS do most of the talking this morning.      Now if you're bored, I can really spice things up for you by posting this from the Weather Prediction Center. 😛 Nothing like a good weather discussion over the morning coffee to get that blood flowing. 😜 Sounds like something Sheldon would say on "Big Bang Theory"   My NWS forecast for the next 7 days, yours is probably similar but you can check it here at DaculaWeather.com   Nothing to talk about, so I'll leave this sunrise picture and go. 🙂    Have a great Thursday!
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