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We needed to gain some additional parking/backup/turn around space, so we have started a project to renovate the entire front yard. Keep in mind, the front yard isn't real big anyway, so we needed to get all the space we could get. 

Ben Hopkins is responsible for the demolition of the old area, and Ben will be building two retaining walls, new stairs, and fixing/resurfacing the drive. Joy Dyer is responsible for design. landscaping, and the new water feature. 


Entries in this blog

May 14, 2024

Well... it's almost done. More than 6 months later, the project is almost over other than one semi-major detail, and a few other small ones. We are waiting on the driveway to be resealed so that it's all black again, and we're swapping out a few plants, and filling a sink hole near the top of the wall, none of which is serious.  Just another few things to finish up, and the "Taj Mywall" (or "The Great Wall of Big Canoe") will be completed. 🙂 LOL! If you want to see the images from start to

Thursday, December 7

Progress is continuing, and it's all digging. Today they are digging for the footings for the big wall, so more dirt coming out. Due to the height of the wall it's going to have to be 16" wide. These are a few pictures from yesterday, and I'll have more later today. Two more trees will need to come out, one at each end of the drive.   


NorthGeorgiaWX in Front Yard

Tear it Down

So.... the first day was fun to watch! They ripped out the boulder wall, all of the remaining shrubs, tree stumps, and other debris.  They started around 11 AM, taking the boulders that made up the old wall, and placing them on the other side of the driveway. That side was pretty steep and I wanted to shore it up as much as possible, so that my driveway stays where it's suppose to stay. That process took about three hours, and after than they ripped everything else out.  In these two p


NorthGeorgiaWX in Home


These are some before pictures of the front "yard". First, a few things about living here in Big Canoe. You can't have a regular yard here, meaning, you can't have a grass front yard. I love it, no grass to cut for me! The POA (our HOA) has to approve all the projects like this, and we had to get a variance for the Right of Way for the top wall.  The POA was very helpful, and gracious for allowing us to redesign the front in a manner that helps them and us. For them, it ke


NorthGeorgiaWX in Front Yard

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