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Status Update



It's an addiction, somebody help me!!!¬†ūüėé

Several things going on with the cars now, we will start with Amy's car first.

The new grills and emblems are here, so I'm ready to either find someone to paint the hood and bumper cover or get it wrapped, and I'll be exploring those options next week. The Swift springs are on the way here but the wheels haven't shipped yet. I need to ask James about those but I know he takes his time. Once they ship I'll order the new tires. I'd really like to have the wheels ceramic coated before they go on the car. 

I have ordered a flex fuel sensor for my car so I can get a Trifecta flex fuel tune. Here is how the fuel ends up when you blend E85 and 93 octane in our cars. The car holds a total of 16 gallons.


With the stock fuel system, 5 gallons of E85 on top of the 11 gallons of 93 roughly equals E30, and that is the maximum "E" level that the stock system can use. BUT... I just found a solution to my problem, and that is this high pressure fuel pump made by AJM Performance that provides 36% more volume of fuel. One problem with these cars when using E85 is that the stock fuel system starts running out of pumping capacity. The car has two fuel pumps, a low pressure pump located in the tank and a high pressure pump located on the engine and driven by one of the exhaust cams. I believe this is the first "OEM" replacement pump that has this kind of additional capacity. The other option to this pump would be to replace it with a VERY expensive xdi pump (which is on the wife's car) and/or by using a fuel cam. A fuel cam is a replacement exhaust cam with a larger fuel pump lobe so that the pumps stroke is longer and moves more fuel. This pump doesn't require me to open the engine which is a tremendous advantage on a car with a warranty. As soon as AJM gets the lines in, I'll get the pump. This pump, flex fuel sensor, and new tune may get me close to 580-600 horsepower on E40-E50.



This is the flex fuel sensor.




These are out of stock, but as soon as they're available I'm placing an order. These are already on the wife's car so I have to keep up. ūüôā¬†These are the rear trailing arms and all of these arms help to located the rear suspension precisely, and without any¬†flex in the arms or deflection in the bushings.¬†Compare these to the stock arms¬†and you can see why they are needed. Once you start adding higher power output and increased cornering forces, those OEM arms and bushings¬†start to flex and that makes for unpredictable cornering and not so straight, straight line acceleration.¬†




I'm taking the car to the Lanier Cadillac dealer on Monday (25th) to have the clunking in the left front fixed. It has to be a strut issue of some type, so we'll see what they say. After that is fixed, I plan on taking the car to Teddy Knisely to have the sensor installed. Hopefully (when they become available) I have the rear suspension pieces installed before the first autocross. 

We'll worry about the Trifecta tune on the wife's car once we get mine complete¬†(Hers is still faster than mine so it can wait for now ūüôā¬†) and after we have hers painted/wrapped and the wheels/tires and springs installed.¬†


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I'm really torn here. I've paid good money to Trifecta to get a good tune, and I think it's ok. But I see guys making big power with very little mods, and I feel like I'm missing out. Here's an example. Compare the mods...
I will have downpipe, flex fuel sensor, 35% fuel pump, and E47.

I should be making this much or more after Justin's tune, "if" that's who I go with. With Trifecta, just not sure I'll even have 600. 


Before Mod: downpipe, flex sensor, Schmidty Tuned on E30

After Mods: downpipe, flex fuel sensor, Tapout 21% fuel cam, and Schmidty Tuned on E47

The only change that has been made is the fuel cam and of course tuning to get the most from the fuel cams additional fuel capacity.

Peak power gains were still impressive, going from 592/555 to 622/606, however the power gains under the curve are really where this mod shines.

From 4,000 RPM to 5,500 RPM we are seeing gains of 50-60 ft lb of torque and 30-60 rwhp


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On 4/17/2021 at 12:27 PM, Reverand said:

So you are running up to e50 with just the pump and no lpfp?  


It has a HPFP and LPFP and is now running on E72

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