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Design Update - 03/09/22



After all of this time, they are finally making progress on the room design! I finally have some detailed drawings and they are now working on the as-built plans. 

This image shows the placement of the speakers in relation to the seating position and screen. The magenta speakers are ceiling, and the aqua color speakers are in-wall. It would be nice to have a larger room, but I have to make do with the space I have. 

Fortunately, the ceiling, side and rear speakers will be the Wisdom Sage Cinema Point 2 v2's since the Planar Magnetic Driver module can be rotated 90 degrees and tilted 22.5 degrees, providing any seat in the room the clarity for vertical, horizontal, DOLBY ATMOS®, DTS:X®, and AURO-3D® installations. I have no place to put the left/right side speakers, so those will be in the ceiling as well, and the Trinnov processor will aid in focusing the sound where it should be. 

There are four ceiling speakers, two side speakers, and two rear speakers, for a total of (8) Point 2 V2's and (8) channels of amplification.



Here's a side view looking toward the wall with the windows. The windows will have motorized blackout shades. 



Looking toward the front wall. The two speaker cabinet is a custom Seaton Sound Submersive F2+ dual 15" sub. It has two 15" drivers with a 4000 watt amp and there will be another one of these (a slave version that runs off of the amp for the front sub) in the rear, so basically 4000 watts across four 15" drivers. Each of these sub cabinets supposedly act like like 18" subs. The three front speakers are the Wisdom Sage Cinema Line 2 speakers. Each of those speakers has two 24" planar magnetic drivers and six long linear excursion, high-output woofers, and each speaker requires two channels of amplification, so the front three speakers require a total of 6 channels of amplification, for a grand total of 14 channels. Not sure which amps will be used just yet. 

The projector screen is acoustically transparent, but I'm still waiting on the final equipment list, so not sure of the screen brand yet. 



Looking toward the rear wall. You can see the same sub that was in the front is also on this back wall. The projector box can be seen near the top of the ceiling.



I hope to get the as-built soon and get started on this. It's been more than a year in the works. 

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I now have the as-built drawings. Waiting on the equipment list and pricing as well as the room construction cost, and should have those this week.

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