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Final Design and Equipment List (Project on Hold)



EDIT: The room has been put on hold indefinitely due to a new adventure that we've decided to undertake.
I finally have the as-built drawing from Shawn Byrne and the first revision of the equipment list from Adam Pelz. The as-built is 21 pages of drawings that I won't show here, but this is one of the pages.



Here is the equipment list for the moment. This shouldn't change very much as this point. There are miscellaneous bits and pieces like cables and other connections that will be needed, and all of that was included in the equipment list. I already have a nice rack with lots of space, so all of the rack equipment in the list below (with the "r") will fit. 

  • (1) - Seaton Sound SS2-4000-DS18 (2x4000 watts) for sub (r)
  • (2) - Seaton Sound DS212-8 Dual 12" subs
  • (2) - Wisdom Audio SA-3 Amp (500 wpc x3 channels) (r) (for Left, Center, and Right) Each speaker requires two channels of amplification)
  • (1) - Wisdom Audio SA-8 Amp (375 wpc x8 channels) (r) (for surrounds and Atmos speakers)
  • (1) - Lumagen Radiance Pro (r)
  • (1) - Trinnov Altitude 16 (r)
  • (1) - JVC NZ9 Projector
  • (1) - Stewart Filmscreen WS25138HHMG2APX acoustically transparent screen
  • (3) - Wisdom Sage Cinema Line 2 (L/C/R)
  • (8) - Wisdom Sage Cinema Point 2 V2 (surrounds and Atmos)
  • (1) - Roku Ultra Streaming device (r)
  • (1) - Reavon UBR-X200 4K Blu-Ray/SACD/DVD-Audio player (r)
  • (1) - Roon Nucleus (r) 
  • (1) - Kaleidescape Strato C player (r)
  • (1) - Kaleidescape Terra Movie Server 12 TB (r)

Everything will be controlled by Crestron control devices and all of this will work independently from our existing Control 4 system. I will have a connection from the Trinnov to our existing Sonos system. 

Right now the installation is scheduled for September but I think I'll be lucky if it's all working before Christmas. 


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