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New England Trip 2019 - Day 2 - Another Long Ride



After the fiasco from yesterday, we have decided to skip the stop in Philly to see Independence Hall, and I think that decision proved to be a wise one.

Also... if you travel and use Google Maps... just know that the drive times you see is probably not going to be the time you actually spend on the road. Obviously Google doesn't know how many times you're gonna stop, and it doesn't know how fast you'll travel among other things. 



The bridge you see in the picture above is one of many on the Merritt Parkway in Connecticut. Each bridge is a little different, but each one is very fancy. Those were kind of cool. Here's a link to the picture album with images of 33 of the bridges.



31 new items · Album by Steve Brueck


There are a total of 42 bridges that cross over Merritt Parkway. We will do another blog post about the bridges, there is a great story and history behind them.

Today we end up in Shelton Connecticut at a Hampton Inn. (EDIT: this was a GREAT place to stay). Tomorrow... onward through the fog!

EDIT: The bridge and the bridges I talk about below were actually the next day, June 1. They are in Connecticut... I do know that. 🙂 We arrived at Shelton CT and stayed at a Hampton Inn (the best one of the whole trip) and then continued driving the next day on the road you see above. I think. The days all ran together. 🙂

Here's on video of us crossing the Hudson River on the Tappan Zee Bridge.



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