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New England Trip 2019 - Day 3 - Connecticut to West Yarmouth



We made it! We arrived in West Yarmouth about 4:30 pm on Saturday.  Along the way we stopped to visit two lighthouses in Rhode Island and eat a lobster roll. 🙂

I've added a few pictures and a couple of videos below. Most were taken at the two lighthouses or on the way to them. Oh... and my lobster roll. 🙂 You can't forget the lobster roll. 

We're just getting started so I'll have lots more pictures and videos. Now is when it starts getting good!
EDIT: Here's the link to the photos for this day.


180 new items · Album by Steve Brueck


Here are a couple of videos I took on the ride, and both of these are from the Beavertail Lighthouse. I'll have more later. This first video is from the dash cam and the second video was taken using my S7 with polarizing filter. 







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