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Christmas Village Diorama - Part 2



10/10/16 - Busy Weekend

Much more accomplished this weekend. Most of the landscaping except for the park area is done, although I find myself going back and adding and enhancing what I thought I had already completed. Can't help myself. 🙂 I've started adding the realistic water to the layout but it has to be added in layers so it's a slow process. I should have used a different water product and I still may on certain sections. And while it may look like snow, I haven't added any of that yet, that will be the last step before completion. I have used a product called Flex Paste for some of the snow areas and more will be used to create drifts etc., but the final product is powdered snow that will go over everything.  When that is done, you won't be able to see where the house fits in the Styrofoam. 

I'm getting ready to landscape the "park", the area in the very front of the display. I've saved it for last so I wouldn't tear it up working on the other areas. The park is where the pond is located, so I'd like to get my "water" in place before I do that final landscaping.  I am re-thinking the water material I'm currently using. I started by using Woodland Scenic Realistic Water, but it requires 1/8" increments and 24 hours drying time.  Instead, what I should have used is Woodland Scenic E-Z Water.  E-Z Water is used for deep pours and dries in 15 minutes, but it must be done in one pour. The only problem at this point is that I can't pour E-Z Water over Realistic Water. Learn the hard way. 

When creating the layout, you have to build it like a regular landscaped non-winter scene. All the plants, shrubs and trees have to be added before any snow can go down. The one thing I am not adding is grass, as that will be covered by snow anyway. 

2023 Note - One thing you'll notice are fall trees. I though I wanted to do a late fall/early winter scene, but I later abandoned that idea. And like I mentioned above, that is not the snow you're looking at, it's just the foam and white paste.
Click on the pictures to enlarge.

 img-2590_orig.thumb.jpg.293b534bae0650afbd114427b688ea33.jpg img-2591_orig.thumb.jpg.bc884aa48eb44f3a94143e18edce9d8e.jpg 

img-2592_orig.thumb.jpg.d3e3b675d3db75c5a2278f34ebcc544c.jpg img-2593_orig.thumb.jpg.f215f3a08d1de5e6696b0185ff1354b4.jpg

 img-2594_orig.thumb.jpg.22c0a7d3fe59c4b21ad51b3522e47f5d.jpg img-2595_orig.thumb.jpg.750875b6e2ae2dd5dfc24b46a33ce202.jpg 

img-2596_orig.thumb.jpg.ee7fdee64b6a0d53a6e847728880fdf1.jpg  img-2598_orig.thumb.jpg.d1b3e2bb6f22f818d7bdef8c59a0afa3.jpg 

 img-2600_orig.thumb.jpg.4da7966c91a55a6430311db9b36e2ef1.jpg img-2601_orig.thumb.jpg.117ddbf187fe99e2d9ed2ee8912c0d14.jpg

img-2602_orig.thumb.jpg.b008f02184b7f5497353c9893010a133.jpg img-2603_orig.thumb.jpg.fda60ff0f77a305fa94ca21feeafa6af.jpg 

img-2604_orig.thumb.jpg.4eeff063bdae5b44bc85d4097f700312.jpg img-2605_orig.thumb.jpg.5cb9a8fdfc667fab6a71479d82a9d8b5.jpg 

img-2606_orig.thumb.jpg.bcbb1e5589d80e64b6ab124de3d31853.jpg img-2607_orig.thumb.jpg.dbab973acf90e448a2e14acfef9d6969.jpg

img-2608_orig.thumb.jpg.b611249d58f6d168afbe18a75f166658.jpg img-2609_orig.thumb.jpg.3bfb2993764ec6411b183e4cc0aafb14.jpg 

img-2610_orig.thumb.jpg.b305c0f3bf640ca68411db47a55257c7.jpg img-2611_orig.thumb.jpg.42e89bfbcb3aae381b0359bc8dbb4244.jpg 

img-2612_orig.thumb.jpg.e2236ba26da3979574817ad626b7ba10.jpg img-2613_orig.thumb.jpg.ec4121abdde9950b2b8582bbded34fc8.jpg

img-2614_orig.thumb.jpg.5640e0ad5cde1a0e857519c1b59f3eb8.jpg img-2615_orig.thumb.jpg.be07e4df4fef1610af9c3578a18fa97a.jpg 

img-2616_orig.thumb.jpg.fdd2b275a6f6d5368cf0b930d877585c.jpg img-2617_orig.thumb.jpg.8b0367c7cf863570a59fb970a6f90175.jpg 

img-2618_orig.thumb.jpg.c6e587ba67fef2f7966ba770ac11efb5.jpg img-2620_orig.thumb.jpg.e2af7c9a820a291ce86a79814dd9865c.jpg

img-2621_orig.thumb.jpg.35929d8ab241d6cbd1df69f6cab79c76.jpg img-2622_orig.thumb.jpg.18d7acec1b5984e208ff93dd3a99a79d.jpg 

img-2623_orig.thumb.jpg.d9ff6b2b9a73e18a9d3909329fb41abf.jpg img-2624_orig.thumb.jpg.24ef70b0c3f7da13d97e0b04fe82636b.jpg 

img-2625_orig.thumb.jpg.59f5cd79604c33a330f3cdcef1da10a3.jpg img-2626_orig.thumb.jpg.0e9de351d59a0de4dc31ae16f0e04985.jpg

 Part 3 coming up!





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