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Christmas Village Diorama - Part 3



10/10/16 - Night Scenes


I took some pictures with the lights off for the first time, just to see how things were going to look in the dark. The houses all use a C7 Christmas light bulb for light. I've replaced some of the incandescent bulbs with LED's, but I'm not happy with the light output. I have some new ones on the way and hopefully they will work out better.

The "Just Plug" street lights look awesome and cast a light that makes them look like real street lights, I'm very pleased with that addition.  In the future I'd like to add more "Just Plug" lights and possibly a couple of vehicles to the scene. I'm also going to find a blue LED light to cast a faint glow (like moonlight) over the entire layout to enhance the nighttime look. For an example, see the last image in this gallery. 

There is no snow on the roads right now but it almost looks like there is. The roads were formed with Smooth-It, a product that provides a nice smooth road system. I need to fill in the gap between the road and sidewalk with some grass like material before I cover it all up with snow.  

2023 Note - I did end up finding blue lights to illuminate the scene, which you'll see in later posts. I have also added cars and more street lights to the scene since this 206 post was made.

img-2628_orig.thumb.jpg.bd1565abdc1a0311e3f904200b89f83f.jpg img-2629_orig.thumb.jpg.6ca921b6bae1f525b7b489fe5b8c3edf.jpg

img-2631_orig.thumb.jpg.aa61297f5e9863356d9f61d775644254.jpg img-2632_orig.thumb.jpg.3b9622cdba2c1e3ae81198a63f068c4c.jpg

img-2632_orig.thumb.jpg.3b9622cdba2c1e3ae81198a63f068c4c.jpg img-2633_orig.thumb.jpg.cc36d0cfd971f1f39250676088563f97.jpg

img-2634_orig.thumb.jpg.2b62805184742cd01d52d1fec32561be.jpg img-2635_orig.thumb.jpg.6fb674ba34d4dd1f84a8c1211c16f39b.jpg

img-2636_orig.thumb.jpg.fd117f75407ff9af1bbba6952be157a6.jpg img-2637_orig.thumb.jpg.7a30280115a923c9fd11ca9b9fb8f1f6.jpg

img-2638_orig.thumb.jpg.7e5016eec885a05f170b5139c63d657c.jpg img-2639_orig.thumb.jpg.d0898fe88f31aee03d58dc58d10f98e5.jpg

img-2640_orig.thumb.jpg.940e5196d45af749e5ce54e2cc346693.jpg img-2641_orig.thumb.jpg.5886d2f5bdefa935c5f7e1327d12ad95.jpg

img-2642_orig.thumb.jpg.538dcbf95728fa6e16c186fb5854e5b7.jpg 69m_orig.jpg.da62f985ace3cf0030e5229ba5a38827.jpg


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