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Christmas Village Diorama - Part 5



10/12/16 - Work continues...

I painted the pond today, so that's going to dry for 24 hours before water goes in. I also added another layer of snow to the background hills, but I'm not sure how much I want to add.  With each layer, I spray Scenic Cement over what's already there, lay down the new snow, and then add another spray of Scenic Cement, so it takes some time to build it up. 

Most of the stream has had it's last layer of water before the final "ice" layer. It's mostly the pond that will be icy, but certain places in the stream (near the waters edge, etc) will be icy as well. I'm still adding layers to the section just before the bridge. 

I'm making icicles for houses and for the waterfalls if all goes well. If it doesn't, nothing lost, just try again. The white "Water Effects" dries clear in 24 hours. 

I took a bunch of pictures today, again, no snow on anything but the hills right now.

img-2655_orig.thumb.jpg.672c6d0ca2764adbe1fffde7c37a450b.jpg img-2656_orig.thumb.jpg.57c1d0f35553e1f8c18798fc3d738eb8.jpg

img-2657_orig.thumb.jpg.49ec596fc3cf6d7f4f93e9937f74b7ea.jpg img-2658_orig.thumb.jpg.23d3c7d4dd0743f0b77b47b459029eaa.jpg

img-2659_orig.thumb.jpg.178cccd9631808c70707125fb199abaa.jpg img-2660_orig.thumb.jpg.0077a8eda93489a9bfd8618742dc3a3e.jpg

img-2661_orig.thumb.jpg.6dd67424a991ac936d21bfdff38d9942.jpg img-2663_orig.thumb.jpg.a233dac615c5507de6d246bd4def5b4d.jpg

img-2664_orig.thumb.jpg.f523c38c57eb264fb1e6fcc64197f974.jpg img-2665_orig.thumb.jpg.9bc4263fe1d3dc732929a0ebebc37e7f.jpg

img-2667_orig.thumb.jpg.fdccd19a1ccf8bd91bd1cefdc9b79a26.jpg img-2670_orig.thumb.jpg.df49f944f55309c7944ac0bde6eb2c90.jpg

img-2671_orig.thumb.jpg.30487dfa8d91e42422c601ca230cb3e0.jpg img-2672_orig.thumb.jpg.bb5bd1392d85f403cd0cc0699bd5528f.jpg

img-2674_orig.thumb.jpg.86f33f0f0275602f927bb1d6fa963730.jpg img-2675_orig.thumb.jpg.bcc07ab625b902bb2ecfbd4208c1657b.jpg



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